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Middle School English Curriculum

The Edmonds School District English Language Arts Curriculum is aligned with the College and Career Readiness (CCR) guidelines in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which call upon cross-discipline reading and writing in the content areas of social studies, science, and career/technical courses. In the middle grades, students build on the foundational skills developed in elementary school when they strengthen vocabulary acquisition skills, develop more maturity in their ability to read, write and speak grounded in evidence, and challenge themselves as readers of a variety of texts.

Edmonds School District Adopted Materials:

Core Curriculum: In 2015, the Edmonds School District adopted a Common Core-aligned Secondary English Language Arts curriculum, Collections, for all of its middle- and high school English classrooms. Collections provides a cohesive secondary curriculum for all students while allowing for teacher flexibility based on classroom needs. Collections introduces students to a diverse range of texts from around the world and includes selections ranging from the classics to modern essays. In addition, it is designed to provide students with multiple opportunities to analyze text; read, write and speak grounded in evidence; and write authentically. Students and teachers are able to access the Collections curriculum in traditional textbook form, as well as via a fully digital, online suite of materials.

Supplemental Novels: Each middle- and high school selected its own novels to complement the Collections curriculum. Novel selection rationale included text complexity aligned to the Common Core; quality of writing; diversity of authors; diversity of characters and subjects; engagement of grade level students at a given site; and connections to other curricular content areas.


Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts – http://www.corestandards.org/ELA-Literacy/

CCSS Standards-at-a-Glance, grades 6-12 – linked document

Secondary ELA Curriculum Adoption Board Report – linked document



Students in seventh grade read and analyze literary and nonfiction text in a variety of ways, including plot development, comparing literary elements, and citing evidence to support a central idea. 7th grade students write routinely as they develop and strengthen their revision and editing skills; write in narrative, informational and argumentative forms to establish a point of view; write authentically for a variety of audiences; and generate and respond to research questions. In addition, seventh graders engage in discussions in which they analyze ideas, evaluate reasoning, and incorporate multimedia and visual aids.

Students in eighth grade build on their seventh grade experiences and prepare for the demands of high school when they analyze the structure, message and craft of challenging information and literary text, as well as compare how different authors craft messages to prove a point. 8th grade students continue to write in narrative, informational, and argumentative forms while extending their writing skills when they write layered elaborations; conduct research, assessing the accuracy of sources and paraphrasing primary and secondary sources; and demonstrate command of language through voice, mood, phrases, and punctuation.


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