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8440 R1 - Procedures for Student Fees, Fines, and Charges




Student fee schedules for individual buildings must be approved by the Board on an annual basis. Each building will submit a list of fees that will be collected by each department. In establishing fees for classes, the following guidelines will be used:

  1. Class registration literature will describe fees for each class or activity and the process for obtaining a waiver or fee reduction.

  2. A fee may be collected for any program in which the resultant product is in excess of minimum requirements and, at the student’s option, becomes the personal property of the student. Fees may not exceed the cost of the materials. The District will furnish materials for those introductory units of instruction where a student is acquiring the fundamental skills for the course. A student must be able to obtain the highest grade offered for the course without being required to purchase extra materials.

  3. A fee may be collected for personal physical education apparel. However, any student may provide his/her own if it meets reasonable requirements and standards relating to health and safety.

  4. A fee of the District’s actual annual maintenance cost may be collected for the use of musical instruments and uniforms owned by the district.

  5. Students may be required to furnish personal or consumable items including pencils, paper, erasers, and notebooks.

  6. A fee may be collected for activities that necessitate the use of facilities not available on the school premises, and participation in the activity is optional on the part of the student. Fees may include the cost of student housing, meals, entrance fees and transportation. A waiver or fee reduction need not be offered for such activities.

  7. In order to facilitate the cash handling of these transactions, the charges that are 'at cost' may be rounded up to the next quarter of a dollar.

Fees shall not be assessed for:

  1. Field trips required as part of a basic educational program or course;

  2. Textbooks (non-consumable) which are designated as basic instructional material for a course of study; or

  3. Instructional costs for necessary staff employed in any course of education program. Instructional costs may be charged for extended learning opportunities.

Fee waivers and reductions may be granted to students whose families would have difficulty paying by reason of their low income. The USDA Child Nutrition Program guidelines will be used to determine qualification for a fee waiver or reduction. The following waiver procedure shall apply:

  1. The student and the student's parents/guardians are responsible for initiating a request for the waiver.

  2. The present income guidelines established by State and Federal agencies for qualifications for free lunches will serve as a qualification for waivers. These income guidelines are subject to change by the Federal Government.

  3. Once per year the waiver shall be requested upon a form provided by the District, which will include a provision for a certified statement of the income of the student's family.

  4. A Counselor, Principal, or Student Advocate must sign and date the form.

  5. The form shall be provided to the Office Manager. 

  6. Costs incurred in connection with commencement exercises or athletic insurance are not covered by the waiver forms.

Refunds will be allowed in certain circumstances.  

Any refunds requested for payments that were made with cash or check must be processed through the Business Office.

Refunds for payments made by credit card will be processed based on the timing of the request. If a refund is requested before the cashier runs the end of period process the cashier will process a refund to the credit card. If a refund is requested after the cashier runs the end of period process the cashier will contact the Business Office to process the refund.


Fines or damage charges may be levied for lost, unreturned, damaged, or defaced textbooks, library books or equipment.  

When a student or parent/guardian logs into the online payment system there will be a notification of outstanding fines and fees. Payment may be made on-line or at the school. A student may also make restitution through a voluntary work program if one exists.

Students and their parents/guardians will be notified in July of outstanding fines and fees. This notice will include the nature of the fines and fees, how restitution may be made, and the process to receive a waiver.

Fines and fees will be cleared prior to students graduating, transferring, or withdrawing from their respective schools. Balances owed must be cleared at their school before students move from elementary school to middle school, middle school to high school, graduating from high school, or withdrawing from the Edmonds School District.  

If a student transfers to another school district that requests the student’s records without paying an outstanding fine or fee, only records pertaining to the student’s academic performance, special placement, immunization history, discipline actions, and history of violent behavior will be sent to the enrolling schools. This information will be communicated to the enrolling district within two school days and the confirming records will be sent as soon as possible. The official transcript will not be sent until the outstanding fee or fine is discharged. The enrolling school will be notified that the official transcript is being withheld due to an unpaid fee or fine.

At the end of each school year student accounts will be reviewed to determine the collectability of outstanding fines and fees. Each September a request to write off prior year uncollectable fines and fees will be brought to the Board for approval.    

Active student fines and fees will remain in the system for collection and will be subject to the following:

    1. Official transcripts and diplomas will be withheld.

    2. The student will be excluded from participating in extracurricular activities, including athletics.

    3. The student will be excluded from participating in optional school activities including dances and excursions.

    4. The student will be excluded from graduation ceremonies.

Inactive student fines and fees will remain in the system and requests for official transcripts will be denied until restitution is made.

Fee/Fine Waiver Request
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