8245 R2 - Procedure for Discipline of Student School Bus Passenger




The following procedures have been developed for school district personnel to clearly identify the progressive steps that will generally be followed in school bus discipline for students.The district reserves the right to skip any steps wherein its sole judgment the student’s behavior warrants more serious corrective action.

Other than at their regular bus stops, studentsmay notbe left on the roadside or in an unsupervised situation. If a student presents a significant, clear and present danger to others on the bus, the driver will notify the Transportation Department, school authorities and/or local police jurisdictions for immediate response.Other students may be moved away from or off the bus for everyone’s protection until assistance can arrive.The driver must continue to supervise until that time.


When a breach of appropriate behavior occurs, the driver shall initially attempt various forms of intervention with the student, depending on the severity of the behavior.This may include talking to the student, changing/assigning the student’s seat or other forms of intervention.The driver shall also begin developing a case history of repeated inappropriate behaviors including dates of incidents and action taken to help the student to modify his/her behavior.


If action taken in step #1 fails to result in adequate behavior modification, the driver will notify the Transportation Student Conduct Manager and call the parent.A notification of the telephone report will be sent to the student’s school administrator.After repeated unsuccessful attempts to reach the parents/guardians at home or work, Transportation shall send a notice to parents through the mail and notify the student’s school administrator that notice was mailed.At this step, Transportation will identify the desired appropriate behavior and outline potential consequences for continued inappropriate behavior.Depending on circumstances, this step may be used one or more times.


If actions taken in steps #1 and #2 fail to resolve the situation, Transportation shall send a School Bus Student Misconduct Notice to the schools administrator containing disciplinary action.The action may consist of revoking bus riding privileges or alternatives to the revocation of the student’s bus riding privileges and/or school suspension.(see A and B below).

In cases of emergency, a student may be immediately barred from riding the bus.These cases may include suspected drug/alcohol use, weapons, physical violence, or when a student is uncontrollable and/or endangering the safety of herself/himself, other passengers, and/or the driver.

The student may be left at the school if deemed necessary by the driver and school administrator.In such a case (at the school) the administrator shall be responsible to contact the student’s parent or guardian to arrange alternative transportation for their student. The driver will immediately inform Transportation if this should occur and a School Bus Misconduct Notice will be generated.

If this behavior happens away from school, the driver will stop the bus, contact Transportation, and be met by school administrators, Transportation staff, and/or local Police authorities.


The Transportation Department will send a Notice of Disciplinary Action to notify the parents/guardians and the driver of the action taken.If a student’s riding privileges are suspended, Transportation will also call the parents/guardians to notify them of the action taken.A conference with the school administrator, student, parents/guardians, driver and/or Transportation representative may be required.


The behaviors involved with the bus incident can warrant not only the revocation of bus privileges but also a suspension from school.The school bus is an extension of the classroom, and as such, any behavior at school that would result in a school suspension would also result in a school suspension if it happened on the bus.

The student may be suspended or expelled as determined by agreement with the school administrator and Transportation, upon verification of the events leading to the School Bus Student Misconduct Notice.After Due Process and agreement with administrators, the school administrator will send the Notice of Short Term Suspension, Notice of Long Term Suspension, or Notice of Expulsion form to the parents/guardians and call the parents/guardians to notify them of the action taken.

If the student was responsible for damage to a school bus, their bus riding privileges will be revokedandthey will receive a school suspension, until such time that either payment is made in full or an alternative solution in lieu of the payment of monetary damages is reached.

The school administrator shall also notify Transportation of the dates of the suspension.In order for the student to regain bus riding privileges, a conference between any or all of the following may be required: the parents/guardian, the student, the driver, the school administrator and/or a Transportation representative.


Any student, parent, and/or guardian who is aggrieved by the imposition of a disciplineshall have the right to an informal conference with the Driver, TransportationRepresentative and Principal or his/her designee for the purpose of resolving the grievance.Theconference must be requested within three school days of the time the parent receives notice by mail or in person.(The student and/or parent or guardian shall be responsible for presenting his/her case.) During such conference the student, parent, or guardian shall be subject to questioning by the transportation representative or principal and shall be entitled to question school personnel involved in the matter being grieved.

a. If the grievance is not resolved at the informal conference, the aggrieved party upon two (2) school business days’ prior notice shall have the right to present a written and/or oral grievance to the superintendent of the district or his designee.

b. If the grievance is not resolved by the superintendent or his/her designee, the aggrieved parties upon two (2) school business days’ prior notice shall have theright to present a written and/or oral grievance to the board of directors during the board’s next regular meeting. The board shall notify the student, parent, or guardian of its response to the grievance within ten (10) school business days after the date of the decision.

The discipline action shall continue notwithstanding the implementation of the grievance procedure set forth in this section unless the principal or his/her designee elects to postpone such action.


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