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8215 R1 - Procedures for Student Involvement in Decision Making



The Interhigh Council is recognized as the official body through which student participation will be coordinated in ways such as the following:

1. Advising the administration on questions which arise concerning the appropriate degrees of autonomy versus uniformity in individual high school programs, regulations, and activities.

2. Advising the administration and Board of Directors on district level curricular and extracurricular decisions and district policies, rules, and regulations.

3. Advising the administration on appropriate forms of student government organization and participation in decision-making processes at the individual school level.

4. Appointing student representatives to any advisory committees, as requested by the superintendent.

5. Selecting a student representative and alternate to serve as non-voting student advisor to the school board, subject to the following provisions. The student advisor shall:

a. be selected each spring by a majority vote of the Interhigh Council to serve a one-year term, July 1 through June 30, with the individual receiving the second highest number of votes being designated an alternate;

b. be encouraged to study materials and attend public board meetings, from the time of selection to the beginning of the term for purposes of orientation;

c. be a member of the junior or senior class during the term served;

d. be charged with the responsibility of determining representative student opinion on major issues when speaking as a student representative on those issues and keeping the alternate well enough informed to assure continuity of student representation when the alternate attends in the place of the regular representative;

e. be charged with the responsibility of reporting to students on the Board of Directors' deliberations and decisions of concern to students and making a report of each Interhigh Council meeting.

f. meaningfully participate in board meetings by having studied agendas, reports, and other materials provided prior to board meetings and doing necessary research to be informed;

g. attend all public meetings of the board as a full participant in discussions, but without the right to make motions, vote, or hold office;

h. refrain from making the Interhigh Council responsible for anything that has not been previously approved by the Council;

i. attend executive sessions of the board only by invitation of the board;

j. be subject to recall by a 2/3rds vote of the high schools, if the Interhigh Council feels he/she is not doing his/her job to the best of his/her ability;

k. be subject to removal from office by majority vote of the Board of Directors any time the actions of the student advisor are unacceptable to the board. At that time, the alternate would then be designated to take the oath of office (for the remainder of the term).

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