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8210 R1 - Student Body Associations



Each school may organize its students and faculty under the title of Associated Student Body of _______________________ School, under the direct supervision and with approval of the principal. Such an organization must be formed to handle any student body funds. It is not permissible for any student enrolled in any school in the district to join or become a member of any secret fraternity, sorority, or club formed by students at school. The principal shall ensure that clubs and organizations of the school are not of secret nature and that they are not in any way discriminatory.

Each secondary school ASB shall have a constitution and bylaws approved by the principal. Such bylaws shall provide for the management of student body funds as well as direct budget control of all funds and allowances for the principal to make necessary payments in vacation periods or emergencies. Provision shall also be made for an annual audit of student body accounts.

Meaningful participation in all major decisions regarding expenditures of secondary student body funds by representative student leaders is required.

Management of elementary school funds is vested with the principal.

Representatives of the elementary school must participate in all major spending decisions.

Class Organizations
Each school shall establish policies in regard to class organizations and establish procedures for the election of class officers. The principal must provide classroom teachers and students an opportunity to participate in the development of classroom organizations.

Classification of Clubs
Three categories of clubs with student membership may be recognized: clubs sponsored by the school; agency-sponsored clubs; and private clubs sponsored by individuals.

School Clubs
An organizational charter or bylaws, starting the purpose, plans, and membership of the club, must be approved by the student governing body and the principal and be on file in the office of the school.

Membership of a school club will be limited to students attending that school and must be open to all students who meet the qualifications and standards of membership as set forth in the approved club charter.

The organization must be sponsored or advised by a member of the school faculty who will be present at all meetings and activities of the organization. Any social event must have the approval of school administration.

The organization must operate within the student body budget with all money collected by the organization being deposited with the school's treasurer and disbursed according to school regulations.

School clubs may use the official name of the school and may use available school facilities without charge.

Agency-Sponsored Clubs
Agency-sponsored clubs are those sponsored by fraternal, or civic agencies and are directly responsible to the sponsoring agency but may become affiliated with a school as a school club, provided however, that the sponsor need not be a member of the faculty if a responsible agent of the sponsoring organization cooperates directly with the principal in agreeing upon conditions to be met for such affiliation.

Agency-sponsored clubs meeting the conditions above are authorized to use the official name of the school and to use available school facilities without charge, subject to approval of the school administration.

Private Clubs
Private clubs are prohibited and will be denied all privileges allowed school-sponsored and agency-sponsored clubs.

Secret or Discriminatory Organizations
No student may become a member of a fraternity or sorority or club formed by students attending public school that is secret or discriminatory in nature.

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