8105-R1 - Over-Enrollment and Intradistrict Student Transfer Procedures


Elementary Over-Enrollment
When elementary classrooms are over-enrolled, students may be overloaded to the nearest school with capacity at that grade level.  Transportation will be provided by the district from a bus stop as near to the home address as possible (or the daycare address if that daycare is in the service area of the neighborhood school).  Exempt from overload are students of parents who are active duty military (RCW 28A.705) or students who qualify as homeless under the McKinney-Vento Act.
Intradistrict Student Transfers
Parents or guardians who wish their child(ren) to attend a school other than the one in the attendance area to which their residence is assigned may apply for transfer by completing and delivering form P-138, Elementary and Secondary Transfer Application, to the Edmonds School District administrative office.

Requests will be considered in accordance with guidelines developed by the Superintendent or designee. Beginning with enrollment for the 2000-2001 school year, student transfer placement may be determined by lottery when transfer applications exceed a school's capacity. If a school is accepting transfers, siblings may be given priority to attend a school when a brother or sister will still be in attendance at that school for the transfer year requested. In-district student transfer is only open to those students who are in good academic standing (No "F" grades and above a 2.0 GPA), have satisfactory attendance (no unexecused absences or excessive tardiness), and have no severe behavior violations (suspensions). 

Students who are children of full-time employees of the district will be permitted to enroll at the school to which the employee is assigned or its feeder schools unless space is not available and such child's enrollment would displace a resident student. For purposes of this policy, "space" includes: (a) the capacity of the program, classroom, and building to accommodate the student as identified by the district or by the building principal and (b) the capacity of a school to meet the educational needs of the student applicant.
Requests will be honored up to the designated enrollment capacity of the school.

Parents whose request for enrollment out of the home attendance area is approved will be responsible for all transportation. School buses will not alter routes to transport children to school other than the ones to which the student has been assigned.

Each child will be allowed to continue at that school until the end of the child's education in that school without reapplying in succeeding years provided that this assurance may be waived when district attendance boundaries are altered by Board action and/or when a school is determined to exceed capacity per district guidelines. Students granted transfers will be returned to their neighborhood school if students do not maintain good academic standing (no "F" grades and above a 2.0 GPA).  In addition, students granted transfers must have satisfactory attendance (no unexcused absences or excessive tardiness) and have no severe behavior infractions (suspensions).  Failure to meet these requirements will result in return to their neighborhood school. 

Nothing in these regulations waives each student's rights and responsibilities under the law.

Adjustment on Disciplinary Transfers
A student may be transferred administratively because of adjustment or disciplinary reasons. Students transferred under this section shall be ineligible for cocurricular activities (those activities not required as a part of his/her class curriculum) during the first twenty (20) school days in the school to which he/she has been transferred. Prior to the expiration of the twenty (20) days, if appropriate, an evaluation may be conducted by the principal and/or designee. If the principal determines that a satisfactory adjustment has taken place and all other eligibility requirements are met the student may become immediately eligible for cocurricular activities. The decision may be delayed up to another ten (10) days if the principal deems that additional time is necessary to make a fair determination of whether a satisfactory adjustment has taken place.

Appeal Process
In the event a transfer request is denied, an appeal may be made to the assistant superintendent who supervises the elementary or secondary school requested.  A request for an appeal must be submitted in writing to the Superintendent's Office within ten (10) school days of the date the parent/guardian receives notification of the results of the transfer request.


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