4330 R1 - Procedures for Use of District-Owned Vehicles

Assignment of Vehicles
District cars will be assigned by the supervisor of transportation. Employees with the need for daily use of vehicles in carrying out their assigned responsibilities may be assigned a district vehicle on a continuing basis. For more occasional use, assignment shall be for each trip authorized. If requests exceed the number of cars available, those traveling the greatest distance will be given preference for assignment of those cars certified for out-of-district travel. If an approved district car is not available, the supervisor of transportation may authorize the use of a private vehicle.

Each employee to whom a vehicle is assigned on a continuing basis shall supervise the care and use of his/her assigned vehicle. He/she shall schedule adequate vehicle servicing with the supervisor of transportation and maintain such records as that supervisor requires.

Use of Vehicles
1. Keys will be picked up in and returned promptly to the transportation office.
2. Upon return from travel, the user will fill the gas tank if it is below half full.
3. The inside of the vehicle will be left clean.
4. Any malfunction or necessary repair or maintenance needs will be reported in writing upon return of the keys.
5. Appropriate notations of use of gas and mileage at the time gas is obtained shall be recorded on the appropriate form in the glove compartment of the vehicle.
6. All drivers of district cars are responsible individually for all traffic violations for which they are charged and fined.
7. If a district vehicle is in an accident or breaks down, the driver should call the transportation center and ask for the supervisor or the shop foreman (phone 771-0630). The district has its own mechanics and wreckers. Transportation personnel will advise what to do in such instances.
8. Long distance travel by district car usually requires the purchase of fuel, etc. District credit cards should be used for such purchases, using the following procedures:

a. Credit cards may be obtained from the transportation office and should be returned promptly when the trip is completed.
b. Credit card purchases are not to be made in the local area except in unusual circumstances. District cars should be filled with gas and serviced at the district transportation center whenever possible.
c. The license number must be noted on all service station receipts.
d. In emergencies it may be necessary to put gasoline in a district car at a service station other than one for which the district has supplied a credit card. When such purchases are made, it is necessary to obtain a receipt in order to receive reimbursement from the district.

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