4105-R1 - Procedures for Video Security and Access Control on School Property

  1. School district grounds, building and property including buses used for district purposes may be equipped with video security cameras. Equipment may be placed in areas where there is not a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as parking lots, entrances, exits, hallways, front offices, gymnasiums, cafeterias, libraries, and other public shared, or common spaces.
  2. Video security cameras shall not be placed to monitor areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, including locker rooms and restrooms.
  3. The district may use video security cameras and the resulting recordings for:
    1. The promotion of a safe school environment;
    2. Student and employee discipline proceedings;
    3. The protection of district property;
    4. Adherence to all district legal and administrative directives; and
    5. Inquiries and proceeding related to law enforcement.
  4. Video recordings will not be used for evaluation purposes.
  5. District security systems include security cameras and access control monitoring equipment, intrusion detection systems and related logs, archives, etc.
  6. All sites where video recording equipment is installed will have a sign telling staff, students, and community members that they may be video recorded.
  7. Access to district security systems will be granted to the minimum number of district employees that is needed to perform their assigned duties. This may include administrative, maintenance, and support staff. The recordings/data may be reviewed by the site administrator when the administrator deems it necessary in accordance with this policy. The administrator may authorize his or her designee the responsibility to review recordings at his or her discretion.
  8. Recordings may be viewed by parents/guardians of a child who is in the video recording, upon request to site administrator. Parents/guardians may view the recording at their school or the administration facility. Requests must be made within 30 days of the date of the recording.
  9. Any time a video recording is used to support student disciplinary action, the recording shall be retained by the site administrator or designee, and kept on file. Any time a recording is used to support employee disciplinary action, the recording shall be retained by the Human Resources Department, and kept on file. The recording will be retained as required by law.
  10. Security cameras on district property will not record audio unless within the context of an official criminal investigation by law enforcement, with the exception of security cameras on district vehicles, which may record audio.
  11. The district shall comply with all state and federal guidelines regarding security camera use and security recording retention, per Local Government Common Records Retention Schedule. No live video, video recording, or video archive may be duplicated or distributed without written permission by the Superintendent or designee, except as required by law. Video recordings are public records and unless otherwise exempt shall be made available for inspection or copying per RCW 42.56.
  12. All video recordings and related hardware will be stored in a secure location to limit access.
  13. Administrators and designees responsible for viewing security camera recordings shall be trained on the policies and guiding principles governing their use. The superintendent or designee will be responsible to ensure training is provided.

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