3515 - District Cellular Telephones



The School Board authorizes the Superintendent or designee to provide cellular telephones to employees who:

  • have regular responsibility to ensure student safety, or
  • are required to respond to emergency calls on behalf of the District, or
  • are assigned to a workstation that does not have regular telephone service.

Access to District-paid cellular telephones may be provided to eligible positions in one of two ways:

1) The District selects and owns the equipment and pays 100% of the cost of the telephone and the monthly service plan. The employee reviews the monthly itemized bill, and immediately reimburses the District for the cost of any personal calls at the rate determined and published by the Business Office.

An employee who accepts access to a district-paid cellular telephone shall provide written assurance of financial responsibility for any personal or non-business calls made on the telephone. To ensure the cellular telephone meets a legitimate work-related need, the phone will be revoked if minutes for personal calls exceed 25% of minutes of use in any quarter.

2) The Superintendent may determine that certain positions are inherently eligible for district-paid cellular telephones based on their regular duties. For such employees, the District may agree to pay a taxable stipend to cover 80% of the cost of cellular telephone equipment and monthly service. The employee is responsible for selecting and paying for the equipment and the service plan, and paying the remaining 20% of the cost from personal funds. Monthly service may include an Internet data plan if the employee does not have district-paid access to an Internet data plan on another device. Employees who receive a stipend for cellular telephone access must keep their cellular service active and make their cellular telephone number available to the District for emergency calls both during and outside of regular working hours.

The District is also authorized to reimburse employees for business calls on personal cellular telephones, based on the same rate per minute established by the Business Office, when standard employee reimbursement procedures are followed.

Legal Reference:
RCW 28A.320.135

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