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2100 - Leadership and Management Team



The leadership and management team shall be comprised of the Board of Directors and the administrative team. The administrative team includes the superintendent, building administrators, and district-level administrators.

The Board of Directors is the source of legal authority for the operation and activities of the school district. The Board depends on the administrative staff and the public for information upon which to form educational policy.

The building administrators represent the instructional unit made up of certificated and classified staff members that provides educational services directly to students. District-level administrators provide support and technical expertise to the instructional unit. All administrators assist in the process of policy formation.

The superintendent coordinates the functioning of the leadership and management team. It is expected that he/she will direct the activities of the administrative team and coordinate its work with the Board of Directors.

The leadership and management team shall operate according to the following:

  1. Individuals will have a higher commitment to decisions if they are able to influence them.
  2. The quality of decisions will increase if the management system is designed to permit those with relevant information to influence the decisions.
  3. The management system and policy framework must permit maximum administrative flexibility consistent with law and district goals and provide for operational decisions to be made as close to the point of implementation as possible, considering an appropriate balance between equality/uniformity and initiative/diversity in educational opportunities for students and operational methods of staff.
  4. The appropriate balance between equality/uniformity and initiative/diversity is a dynamic, ever changing concept open to challenge and mutual redefinition at any time.
  5. Team members are obligated to communicate information and recommendations through appropriate channels.
  6. The established communication channels should provide opportunities for wide participation and open discussion prior to decisions.
  7. Each member of the team must understand his or her role and authority, must accept responsibility for that role, must work within the established communication channels of the management system, and must support and implement the decisions of the leadership and management team in a united and committed manner.

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