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8140 R1 - Procedures for Admission of Non-Immigrant International, J-1 Students




  • J-1 Exchange-Visitor: This visa is issued to aliens who will participate in a USIA designated Exchange-Visitor program. The program participant must be a qualified student. To further qualify as an exchange-visitor the alien must have a home in a foreign country to which he/she will return after the stay in the United States.

The following procedures control the admission of non-immigrant, J-1, international students to the high schools of the school district.

J-1 (Organization Sponsored) Students

Those organizations sponsoring J-1 students that have been designated by the USDOS, the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) and/or the Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) and meet all other criteria contained in this regulation may request the placement of students in the Edmonds School District for a maximum of one school year. All agencies must be approved by and have a valid license with the Office of Secretary of State for the State of Washington.


A. Limitations

1. A sponsoring organization may not place more than two students in any one school, nor place two exchange students from the same country in any one school.
2. The total number of J-1 students in the school may not exceed one percent of the school's enrollment without the consent of the principal of the participating school. This number may be lower based on the overall student enrollment for the year.
3. The length of stay for J-1 students is limited to one calendar year.
4. J-1 students must be at least 15 years of age, but less than 18 years 6 months of age on the date of enrollment into the district.
5. Students must not have finished more than 11 years of primary and secondary school, not including kindergarten. Students who have graduated from high school in their home country will not be accepted as J-1 students.
6. Exchange visitors are not allowed to live with relative. 

B. Prior Notice

1. Sponsoring organizations shall notify the district representative when a host family has been selected within the district boundaries. Notifications must be made no later than June 15 for first semester enrollment or December 1 for second semester enrollment.
2. Specific student placement information listed in Section G.2. herein shall be provided the district representative no later than August 20 for first semester or December 15 for second semester.

C. Enrollment Guidelines Pertaining to J-1 Students

1. J-1 students will be enrolled in classes as full-time students.
2. It is recommended that J-1 students be enrolled in U.S. History and English.
3. J-1 students will not be enrolled in a traffic education course without the written consent of the sponsoring organization, the parent/legal guardian and the host family.
4. J-1 students will be graded and evaluated academically but will not be granted a high school diploma. Students enrolled as seniors may go through commencement and receive a certificate of attendance.
5. J-1 students will not be enrolled in Running Start. Exchange students are here for a high school and cultural experience.

D. Financial Responsibilities

1. The Edmonds School District will provide no financial assistance to J-1 students.
2. J-1 students will be responsible for school fees and expenses on the same basis as resident students.

E. Rights and Privileges

1. J-1 students will be accorded all of the rights and privileges of resident students during their period of enrollment, except as noted in this regulation.
2. J-1 students will be subject to the same policies, rules and regulations as resident students.

F. Registration

1. J-1 students, along with a host family parent, must be present for registration at the school of attendance at least five (5) school days before the beginning of the semester.

G. Organization Program/Sponsor Responsibilities

1. Each organization/sponsor of a J-1 student must meet all current USDOS and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) guidelines and Edmonds School District policies and regulations with special emphasis on the following:

a. The selection process of students must comply with Edmonds School District policies and regulations.
b. The organization/sponsor must provide the student with an orientation to the community and the school.
c. The organization/sponsor must comply with established timelines for notification, placement, acceptance, admission and registration of the student.
d. The organization/sponsor will provide tutoring if a student is not as proficient in English as was stated or implied on the application.

2. Each organization/sponsor of a J-1 student must provide the district representative with the following:

a. name, birth date, country of origin, grade level of the student;
b. a letter of application in English in the student's own handwriting;
c. verification of health and accident insurance coverage;
d. immunization and health records;
e. an English language translation of his/her transcript for the previous three school years showing all courses completed (this should include the current school year), accompanied by an explanation of the grading system used, the number of clock hours of instruction per week per subject and the length of the school year. Specific courses must be listed, e.g., algebra, geometry, biology, physics, world history (a generic listing such as mathematics, science, and social studies is not acceptable);
f. the name, address and telephone number of the contact person in the sponsoring organization;
g. the name, street address, home and work telephone numbers of the host family;
h. the name, address and telephone numbers of the parent/legal guardian;
i. verification of English language proficiency as demonstrated by:

  • Achieving a score of 360 or above on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or
  • Achieving a score of 212 or above on the English Language Test for International Students (ELTIS) or another means of demonstrating English language proficiency acceptable to the district.
  • (3) In the event that there is a reason to question the validity of the student's English language proficiency, an English proficiency test of the school district's own design or choosing may be administered, which will supersede any and all other tests. Results of testing may affect the student's eligibility to continue as a student in the district.

j. two letters of recommendation from the student’s a) English teacher; and b) School administrator.
k. signed international student contract.

H. Program Validity

1. Should the assurances or documentation provided by an organization and/or sponsor prove invalid, further acceptance of J-1 students from that program or organization shall be terminated for the remainder of that academic year and the next year and thereafter until proof of compliance which is acceptable to the district is presented.
2. The responsibility for accurate and complete information rests with the sponsoring organization.




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