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Clarification and Guidelines for Parent Groups, Booster Clubs, and Other Not-for-Profit Donors to Schools and Student Activities
Parent groups, booster clubs, and other not-for-profit community groups are essential and valuable partners of Edmonds School District. Because they are separate organizations, the school district does not directly control or govern their fundraising activities, unless those activities occur on school district property or during a school-sponsored event. When an activity occurs on district property, it is subject to the board's policy and procedures for community use of school facilities (policy 9200 and 9200 R1). When a fundraising activity is proposed to occur during a school-sponsored event, the group must receive prior approval from the administrator responsible for that event.

Not-for-profits (parent groups, booster clubs, and other community-based groups):

  1. May raise funds to support student activities, staff, and other educational programs
  2. May donate funds and designate the allowable uses of their donations; if the district accepts the donation, it also accepts the strings attached
  3. Are completely separate organizations, but perceived by the community to reflect the mission and values of the schools and school district
  4. Have their own officers, bylaws, cash handling procedures, audit and reporting requirements, etc.
  5. Are not managed by or a part of the school district's organizational structure
  6. Are solely responsible for managing and protecting their funds
  7. Are free to choose the types of fundraising activities they wish to sponsor
  8. Are solely responsible for meeting all legal and financial requirements and obligations for their fundraising activities
  9. May not have students participate in the fundraising event during school hours or school-sponsored events; funds raised by students on or off school property on school time MUST be deposited directly into the ASB fund (see below)*

Schools, ASB Student Organizations, and the School District:

  1. Are governed by the Edmonds School District Board of Directors
  2. Are governed by the policies and procedures of Edmonds School District
  3. Are subject to the district's legal and audit requirements for cash handling, accounting, purchasing goods and supplies, contracting requirements, etc.
  4. Are required to have board (or designee) approval of fundraising activities
  5. May not conduct raffles or other gambling activities
  6. Must adhere to the parameters of donations accepted from donors
  7. Must follow district policies and procedures in the expenditure of donations

From the ASB manual published by the Washington Association of School Business Officials and available on the Association of Washington School Principals' website:

It is an ASB event or fundraiser if:

Students are involved and
School district or School name is used and
It is conducted on or off school property and
It is done with the approval of the school board or their designees [principal].

When all of the above are in place, funds raised must be
deposited to the Associated Student Body Fund.”

Privately students are still able to raise money as members of other organizations (scouting, church, etc.) but this activity cannot be done by an ASB or with school approval or district supervision on school time. Students may not use a school team or club name nor suggest representation verbally nor wear a school uniform during personal or private fundraising [emphasis added].” (WAC 391-138-015)

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