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Early Entrance Details

Early Entrance – 2022-2023 School Year

Early Entrance into Kindergarten or First Grade

Children who turn 5 (Kindergarten) or 6 (First Grade) years of age between September 1 and December 31, 2021 must meet specific District requirements for early entrance into kindergarten or first grade.

General Information:

  • Parents must submit an application, copy of the child’s proof of birth, and the $100 fee to the District office by May 23, 2022
  • If you feel your income qualifies you for a free evaluation, please include proof of income with your application.
  • Appointments will be emailed to parents May 26-27, 2022 (subject to change)
  • Assessments will be conducted by District staff (results from private psychologists will not be accepted).
  • We will screen candidates on June 4, 2022 for early entrance for the 2022-2023 school year.

Evaluation & fees:

  • Candidates are screened by a District team of Kindergarten teachers and/or school psychologists in a small-group setting
  • The fee for the screening is $100 ($0 if you qualify for a reduced fee evaluation). Please submit your payment with the application.
  • We will refund your fee only if your child does not separate from you on the day of the evaluation, or you notify us of your intent to withdraw by June 3, 2022.
  • You will receive the results of your child’s evaluation by email by July 15, 2022.

Other Important Info:

  • At least one caregiver must also attend a MANDATORY, informational meeting about Early Entrance on June 1. Your child will not be evaluated for early entrance and your fee will be returned if a caregiver does not attend the MANDATORY meeting.
  • First Grade early entrance only: please complete a First Grade Early Entrance Form if your child is currently enrolled in a private, accredited Kindergarten.
  • Evaluation period: Successful candidates must also attend Kindergarten Jump Start, scheduled for August 22-25, 2022 and complete a 25 school-day evaluation period which begins on the first day of school.
    • Extended absences during the 25 school-day valuation period are not recommended and may impact the final decision whether the student will be able to remain in Kindergarten or need to re-enroll in the 2022-23 school year.
    • First grade candidates who do not successfully complete the 25 school-day period will be placed in Kindergarten.
  • The school team may decide at any time during the evaluation period if early entrance is appropriate.
  • Conversations: Families may request a conversation with the assistant superintendent if their child did not meet the criteria for early entrance based on the evaluation results.

    *As outlined by Edmonds School District School Board policy and procedure 3110 & 3110P. (Pursuant to WAC 392-335-010)

Timeline for the 2022-2023 Early Entrance

Consider all implications of early entrance on my child’s long-term development (see Important Information below)

Due by May 23 by 4:00 pm - Submit application, copy of child’s birth certificate, and $100 fee to: Edmonds School District, 20420 68th Ave W, Lynnwood WA 98036, ATTN: Sari White

May 26-27 - Appointment times emailed to parents

June 1, 6:00 pm - MANDATORY parent meeting (Zoom link will be emailed)

June 3, 4:00 pm - Last opportunity to cancel evaluation appointment and receive refund

June 4 - Child evaluation (parent/caregiver must be in attendance and wait while the assessment is completed)

By July 15 - Evaluation results emailed to parents

If Approved for Early Entrance

July 20 to August 13, 2022 - Enroll child at neighborhood school

August 22-25 - Kindergarten Jump Start (MANDATORY for Early Entrance) 

September TBD - Attend Family Connection Meeting (appointments set by school)

September TBD - Start school

Important Information for Parents to Consider about Early Entrance

Parents, please note that the early entrance process is designed to provide an opportunity for children who do not meet the August 31 cut-off age as mandated by the state of Washington, but are academically ready and advanced, to enter kindergarten early. These children must also demonstrate advanced characteristics socially, emotionally, and in their thinking schools. All of these factors demonstrate readiness for the elementary classroom environment.

Students who are ready for kindergarten early are advanced in multiple areas when compared to their same-age peers, or other children of the same birth month and year. Many students can demonstrate academic ability based on the exposure provided by parents and daycare settings; however, few children will demonstrate the aptitude or thinking ability needed to enter kindergarten early. When considering early entrance into kindergarten, keep in mind it is a process designed to meet the academic and social needs of the child, not as a replacement for child care. Students accepted into kindergarten early will be placed in a class where peers could be up to two years older. They will also be expected to attend kindergarten for a full day during the 25 school-day evaluation period.

The following factors and questions should be considered when determining if the early entrance process is something you wish to pursue for your child. It’s also very important to note that the evaluation can be exhausting for a four-year old. Please consider the effects of perceived failure on a young child, taking care to praise and provide support if s/he does not pass the evaluation.

Questions to Consider

  • Is my child capable of working successfully with children who are one to two years older?
  • Does my child adapt well to change, or will the adjustment frustrate him/her?
  • What long term impacts will early kindergarten placement have on my child’s long term academic career (e.g. beginning college and high-school a year early)?
  • Does my child ask questions to advance his/her learning?
  • Can my child read, comprehend, and/or make connections to a story? Can my child decode challenging words?
  • Does my child have an understanding of basic math concepts, such as shapes, time, number recognition?
  • Does my child demonstrate leadership with same-age peers?
  • Is my child able to maintain interest for long periods of time?
  • Does my child demonstrate a curiosity about learning new things?
  • Does my child demonstrate strong memory and recall skills?
  • Is my child able to maintain a structured schedule for longer periods of time than same-age peers?

Factors/Characteristics to Consider

My child...

  • Believes he/she can experience success at new tasks
  • Can maintain personal care and hygiene with little assistance from adults (e.g., use the bathroom, tie shoes, button and zip garments)
  • Thoughtfully considers feedback and adjust behavior accordingly
  • Has the ability to focus attention for long periods of instruction
  • Demonstrates fine and large motor skill coordination
  • Can be separated from a parent without being upset
  • Demonstrates strong interpersonal skills with students of his/her own age and older peers
  • Follows routines and schedules
  • Is enthusiastic about elementary school
  • Follows given and multi-step directions
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