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2021 Featured Graduates

2021 Featured Graduates

Meadowdale High - Farrah Padilla

Farrah PadillaAs we all know this pandemic has been a never-ending trial to our personal beings and there can never be enough words to describe the effects this has had on all of us. Living through the pandemic during such a monumental time has taught me many things. To keep it straightforward, short, and sweet, here are the most meaningful ones that I focus on every day. Living in the moment, accepting change, finding your people and place in this difficult world, appreciating the small things, and there is no normal. Live with spontaneity and fulfill your wishes, there is no limit to your potential.

From when I entered the school district in second grade to ten years later, I have been guided by, taught, coached, and supported by many amazing school district staff. There are too many people, who come with many stories, to name so I decided to mention the most memorable. I can start by mentioning a huge recent memory, wrestling state. I went through the season with the support of the Meadowdale Head Coach Knowles, but along the way I found myself merging with our rivals, the Warriors. I send a huge thank you to Coach Ray and Coach O for taking me under their wing, as well as Angie McQuire for taking pictures with me before I left with the Warriors to Tacoma. I would also like to thank Coach Rainey and Mr. Matty for being the coolest teachers and coaches that I have worked with. Especially in this trying year, Rainey took on her first year being varsity head coach and absolutely rocked it, while Mr. Matty helped us, senators, in every way possible as our Senior Class Advisor. I truly do appreciate all the hard work and effort put into helping me get this far, trust me, I know it wasn’t easy.

I plan on attending Loyola Marymount University in the Fall. My intended major is Political Science.

Edmonds-Woodway High - Bitiyah Asalifew

Bitiyah AsalifewLiving through the COVID-19 pandemic has taught me, and many of my peers, the importance of community. From teens offering babysitting services to university students creating mutual aid funds. Being able to give and also receive support from those around you is so important. We all have something to give.

My second-grade teacher at Beverly Elementary, Ms. Wrolstad, would always tell us that she never forgets a student. I always thought it was an exaggeration, and didn’t think much of it, especially since I was switching schools at the end of the year. Ms. Wrolstad told me her doors were always open- and this was quite literally true, whenever my ride was running late to pick me up from the bus stop at Beverly, I would go to her classroom and wait with her. Even when I didn’t attend her school, let alone in her class, she was still a warm and familiar face.

I graduated from Terrace Park Elementary, and never saw Ms. Wrolstad again. In May 2020, in my wave of quarantine boredom, I took a walk to Beverly. I was crossing the campus when I saw Ms. Wrolstad’s door cracked open. It was the perfect time to test her promise, half expecting a different teacher to now be in that classroom, I went over and looked inside. She didn’t miss a beat, “Bitiyah!” This was nearly 10 years after Ms. Wrolstad was my teacher, but it was as if I had seen her yesterday.

My name is not a common one, and to this day people I see daily will mispronounce or forget it. I love my name, but it is draining to constantly remind or correct. So for Ms. Wrolstad to exemplify such individualized attention and care for each of her students, even in just remembering a face and name, is something that truly inspires me, and is a quality I want to carry with me into every space I enter and individual I encounter.

I am also so grateful to Mr. Wellington, Alex Costumbrado, and Allison Keresi. Their support through high school has been so important for my success and growth in the classroom and outside of it.

After graduation, I plan to attend the University of Southern California as a Business Administration Major with a Marketing emphasis.


VOICE/LifeSkills/ProjectSearch - Fernando Zazueta

Fern ZazuetaI miss going out in the community on Friday afternoons but I think this year has been good so far. I want to celebrate that I graduated.

Mountlake Terrace High - Juan Urenda

Juan UrendaI have my friends I made all through high school and I still talk to them. We might not talk as often, but I’m still going to remember coming to school, saying, ‘Hi,’ going to class, asking them for help, eating lunch with them or just having fun.


Scriber Lake High - Jayden Vivolo-Silva

Jayden Vivolo-SilvaLiving through the COVID-19 pandemic taught me that self-care is important.

Multiple staff members have made a positive impact and helped get me here today. The first staff member would be Mrs. Leighanne law. She was very welcoming to me when I joined Scriber as a freshman and continued to make her classroom a safe place that I could go whenever I needed to. She helped me not give up when things were tough, she helped encourage me to keep going. Due to her constant support, I am where I am today.

The second staff member who helps me have a better experience at scriber is Mr. Richard Croxon because he was a very nice teacher and a sort of grandparent care that he gave to every student. He was always open to hearing about what was on my mind, and his classroom was always a very happy environment. Every time I walked into class, Mr. Richard was always there with a smile. You could come to class in a bad mood and leave smiling because Mr.Richard made everyone smile.

The third and last member who helped me throughout my high school experience is my school counselor Mrs. Debbie Walters. She always made sure to check in with me to make sure I was okay.

After High school, I will attend community college for two years and then transfer to a 4-year school to earn a degree in human services. I want to work with the homeless and provide housing and supplies. Working in human services is important to me because I am passionate about helping people.

Edmonds eLearning Academy -  Sarah Schneider

Sarah SchneiderThe COVID-19 pandemic has brought out a strength and resilience in a lot of us that we didn’t know we had. We had to persevere, be adaptive and work through really challenging circumstances but despite the challenges we did it.

Mrs. Becki Burgesser has had the biggest positive impact on me leading me to where I am today. Her patience and understanding for individuals' unique circumstances goes above and beyond.

Following graduation I am going to attend UW Bothell for my bachelors then I plan to attend medical school to pursue a career in Pediatrics.

Lynnwood High - Darwin "DJ" Williams

DJ WilliamsLive your own life and do your truth. Honestly, I’m nothing but proud of myself. From digging myself a deep hole and digging myself back out. The storm always ends. Keep moving forward.



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