September Students of the Month

September High School Students of the Month
Posted on 10/02/2017
Names and Photos of High School Students of the Month

Edmonds Heights K-12
Student Name: Katherine Grambihler
Mother’s Name: Cheryl Grambihler
Father’s Name: Ronald Grambihler
GPA: 3.95
Clubs & Activities: Musical Theatre and Ballet
Athletics: I have been dancing since the age of six and I enjoy running and hiking.
Honors: I was a part of the crew for the Rising Star Project at The 5th Ave Theatre for two seasons.
Community Service: I have been a Camp Fire volunteer counselor for three summers and am currently a Swedish Edmonds Hospital volunteer.
Significant School Project: I helped reorganize the Musical Theatre Department costumes.
Future Educational Goals: I am currently a Running Start student at Shoreline Community College and will obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at a four-year University.
Future Career Goals: Nursing

Student Name: Tony Fountaine Jr.
Mother’s Name: Erastus Fountaine
Father’s Name: Tony Fountaine, Sr.
Honors: Honor Roll in Animation for Sno-Isle Tech
Community Service: I volunteer in a Bible educational program.
Future Educational Goals: I have a future goal to work in the technical field.

Edmonds-Woodway High School
Student Name: Nicholas Olson
Mother’s Name: Lisa Olson
Father’s Name: Gary Olson
GPA: 3.96
Clubs & Activities: I’m VP of the bird watching club
ASB: Senior Class President
Athletics: Swim captain
Honors: Full IB diploma candidate
Community Service: Mostly school oriented - whatever fundraiser we are doing, I do wholeheartedly, helping out with Charity Change, blood drives and food drives
Significant School Project: My Extended Essay is my significant project. For it, I am looking into how revolutionary Louis Pasteur's work in alcohol fermentation is, which lead him to a great extent proving germ theory.
Current employment: None at the moment, but over the summer I worked construction for Spee West building Tillicum Middle School in Bellevue.
Future Educational Goals: I plan on studying biology in college. I am just unsure which one I will be attending and then medical school afterward.
Future Career Goals: I hope to be a doctor, which one I do not know, because once a person is in medical school they learn many different departments and change their minds. Right now, I hope to be in Emergency medicine because those are the people who need help the most and no case is ever exactly the same.
Anything else you’d like us to know? I ski both on the water and snow. I spend a lot of time in the summer in Eastern Washington Boating and enjoying the nature.

Student Name: Thea McAfee
Mother’s Name: Mika McAfee
Father’s Name: Tim McAfee
Clubs & Activities: Three years of play production - acting and producing plays
ASB: Senior Class Treasurer
Athletics: Cross Country - Team Captain
Honors: National Honor Society
Awards: Two varsity letters for track and cross-country
Significant School Project: Founded and am developing the position of IB Student Ambassador
Future Educational Goals: Eager to attend university next fall
Future Career Goals: Mermaid
Anything Else You’d Like to add? Full-IB Diploma Candidate

Lynnwood High School
Student Name: Abigail Douglas
Mother’s Name: Jodie Douglas
Father’s Name: David Douglas
GPA: I have had a 4.0 all semesters of high school.
Clubs & Activities: I participate in Junior Achievement at my school.
Athletics: I have been playing volleyball, basketball, and golf since freshmen year. I have gone to state the past three years in basketball. I also went to state for golf this past school year.
Honors: Last school year I was athlete of the month for my school. For all years of high school I have been on the Principal’s list.
Awards: I earned first team all Wesco this past year for golf.
Significant School Project: I volunteer at my church’s nursery as well as their annual vacation bible school.
Current Employment: I am currently employed at Safeco Field as a Promotions and Attractions Fielder.
Future Educational Goals: After graduation, I will attend a four-year university.
Future Career Goals: As I get older I would like to work in the fields of math and business.

Student Name: Sea Choi
Mother’s Name: Mijung Choi
Father’s Name: Sungsu Choi
Clubs & Activities: At school, I am involved in Key Club, Liberty in North Korea, Tri-M (Band), Leadership, and am a varsity tennis player. Outside of school, I am involved within my church and local Korean school, as well.
ASB: Yes, I am serving as the current ASB President at Lynnwood. I was the ASB Vice President my Junior Year, and before that, I served as the class president for respectively my Freshman and Sophomore years.
Athletics: I play Varsity Tennis (and love it)!
Honors: I’ve been heavily involved in honors classes and AP courses throughout high school; I am currently taking four AP classes, including U.S. Government and Politics, Literature and Composition, Environmental Science, and Calculus BC.
Awards: The most significant awards I’ve received have all been through experiences and memorable moments, whether it be through ASB and the events we organize for our school, or through leading a portion of Key Club and the countless hours of community service we put in.
Community Service: Through Key Club, I have been involved in our community and serving the local area - I’ve even gotten the opportunity to expand out of our own Lynnwood community and find ways to serve the greater Seattle area, the Pacific Northwest, and even the world.
Future Educational Goals: I plan on attending a four-year university after high school, whether it be in Washington State, California, or the East Coast.
I would like to major in Political Science or International Relations (or both), and continue to attend school - I would also like to study abroad for a little bit, if possible! To be able to further my educational merit and learn about the world, I would like to travel and explore other cultures and countries, as well.
Future Career Goals: Specifically, I'm not sure what I want to be/do career wise, but there are a few recurring themes that I can see my future job revolving around - human rights. Ever since I became involved with Liberty in North Korea, which is an organization focusing on rescuing and supporting North Korean refugees, I’ve felt an urge to keep fighting for human rights, not just in North Korea, but all over the world. In order for me to become an effective person in this field, I can see myself working for the government, to continue to learn and analyze ways I can support these people and contribute to the world - that’s why I would like to further my education and be informed, alert, and empower others around me to keep up with the world we live in.

Meadowdale High School
Student Name: Ryan Both
Mother’s Name: Jennifer Both
Father’s Name: Bradley Both
GPA: 3.88
Clubs & Activities: I’m the Co-President of Debate Club as well as a member of the MHS Hi-Q Team.
ASB: This year, I’ve been honored and blessed with being able to serve in the role of ASB President.
Awards: During my sophomore year, I was on a team that won second place in the National Film Festival for Talented Youth for the “48 Hour Film-Off”.
Community Service: I take senior portraits and tutor underclassmen in math
Future Educational Goals: I intend to study Political Science with a minor in Theology.

Student Name: Nasmil Valera Cuevas
Mother’s Name: Milvia Cuevas de Valera
Father’s Name: Nasusel Valera Cabrera
GPA: 3.8
Clubs & Activities: Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Latino Student Union, Inter-High, Key Club, LINK Crew.
Athletics: Softball Team
Honors: Honors Pre-Calc, AP Literature and Composition, AP Government and Politics
Awards: Rotary Junior Student of the Month of February
Community Service: With Key Club and LSU, I have been involved in different community service projects
Future Educational Goals: University
Future Career Goals: Doctor of Cardiology

Mountlake Terrace High School
Student Name: Eugene Seubert
Mother’s Name: Felicia Seubert
Father’s Name: Kenny Seubert
GPA: 3.8275
Clubs & Activities: Current: FIRST Robotics Competition Team Chill Out 1778, MTHS Robotics Club Vice President, STEM Leadership Member. Previous: Freshman Varsity Swimmer
ASB: MTHS ASB Executive Treasurer (better known as Big 6 Treasurer)
Athletics: Boys Swimming Varsity Letter, Freshman Year
Honors: Freshman Year: Honors Biology, Honors Algebra 2, Honors World History 9; Sophomore Year: AP Chemistry, Honors Humanities (AP European History + Honors English), Honors PreCalculus; Junior Year: AP US History, AP Language and Composition, AP Calculus AB, AP Biology; Senior Year: AP Physics, AP Government and Politics
Awards: Principal's Award - 2014/15 For recognition of Outstanding Achievement; Certificate of Academic Achievement - 2014/15 In recognition of Outstanding Academic Excellence for First Semester 4.0 GPA; Washington State Letters About Literature - Semi-Finalist (2015); Edmonds Driftwood Players Youth Volunteer Award (2016)
Community Service: Frequent Volunteer at the Edmonds Driftwood Players as a stagehand, light board operator, or sound board operator.
Significant School Project: Junior Year: A device that detected micro concentrations of limonene and ethanol in a micro environment to alert chemically sensitive or allergic populations.
Possible Senior Year Project: A device to detect veins using cameras to guide intravenous cannulation (IV) with depth and diameter information.
Current Employment: Lifeguard/Swim Instructor/First Aid, CPR, and AED Instructor
Future Educational Goals: After high school, I plan on attending a university and majoring in bioengineering, but still going pre-med if possible to allow myself flexibility for graduate school. My end educational goal is to at least get a masters degree in whatever field I go into, if not get a higher degree.
Future Career Goals: My goal is to be able to use the knowledge I accumulate and apply it to be able to help people in any capacity I can. The professions where I think best combine my skill sets and allow me to accomplish that goal are bioengineering, emergency medicine, pathology, and other STEM related fields.
Anything Else You’d like us to know? I’m honored to be chosen as the Student of the Month for MTHS and would like to thank my mother for supporting me, my friends for encouraging me, my teachers for all their hard work to ensure I and others have the best chance of success. Lastly, I’d like to also thank the people I have the privilege to work with and serve as ASB Executive Treasurer. And, as always, Chill Out and Go Hawks!

Student Name: Ashley Klippert
Mother’s Name: Tania Klippert
Father’s Name: John Klippert
GPA: 3.9
Clubs & Activities: I am currently in many clubs and activities including cheer captain, KEY club, link crew president, robotics, TATU and Honors Society.
ASB: As of right now my affiliation with ASB is through cheerleading, prior to joining cheer I was a representative for class ASB sophomore year.
Athletics: Freshman year I was on varsity basketball and a thrower for track. My sophomore year I tried out for cheer and have been on it ever since.
Honors: I am a member of the National Honors Society.
Awards: I have been recognized as a STEM Scholar in the field of science for the Edmonds School District. Freshman year I was Athlete of the Month for Basketball, and, just recently, Student of the Month.
Community Service: Through cheer I have been given many community service opportunities including fundraising for hurricane Harvey relief, volunteering at 5k runs and food drives. I am also a volunteer with basketball for Unified Sports, which has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
Significant School Project: As a senior in STEM English, my capstone project will be making a biofuel out of Myriophyllum spicatum.
Current Employment: I currently do not have a job but if you’re hiring then you know what to do...
Future Educational Goals: I would like to go to a four-year university then further my education at medical school.
Future Career Goals: One of my biggest aspirations in life has been to join the peace corps but if that doesn't work out then I’ve always been interested in biochemical engineering.

Scriber Lake High High School
Student Name: Bailey Childs
Mother’s Name: Karen Childs
Father’s Name: Tim Childs
Clubs & Activities:
GPA: 3.9
ASB: Leadership At Scriber Lake
Current Employment: Subway
Future Educational Goals: Studying at Edmonds Community College
Future Career Goals: Vet, or Cosmetologist
Anything Else You’d Like us to know? I have been a diabetic since I was 7 years old. Scriber Lake High School helped me reach my goals for high school.

Student Name: Clemente Jackson
Mother’s Name: Jessica Jackson
Clubs & Activities: Helper at boys and girls club
Athletics: Football until this season
Community Service: Boys and Girls Club, cleaning up trash with my geology class
Current Employment: Coldstone Creamery
Future Educational Goals: To attend the University of Washington
Future Career Goals: marine biology
Anything Else You’d Like us to know? I love to help people in any way I can and not judge them for how they look but the content of their character.

Student Name: Zack Griffin
Mother’s Name: Elizabeth Griffin
Father’s Name: Jay Griffin
Clubs & Activities: Capernaum/Young Life, Calvary Fellowship Church
Athletics: Special Olympics Bowling and Soccer
Honors: Camper of the Week several times at Camp Patterson
Community Service: Volunteering at Hope Place Women & Children's Shelter with Seattle's Union Gospel Mission
Current Employment: In training at VOICE with GoodWill Edmonds
Future Career Goals: To work in the service industry
Anything Else You’d Like to add? Zack has a smile that lights up the room! To know him is to love him. He brightens every day with his cheery personality. Zack loves to help others by serving them beverages, putting things away for them, carrying heavy loads. He helps at home by training/playing with the dog, doing his own laundry, helping cook dinner, taking out the garbage, and carrying and putting away groceries.

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