Consolidated Health Services Brochure (Text-Only Version)

Consolidated Health Services

The goal of CHS at Chase Lake is to provide a safe, healthy location for your student to attend Elementary School.

Providing full time support for students requiring licensed nursing care at school.


Washington State's Life Threatening Conditions Law

Washington State Law requires that students with Life Threatening Health Conditions meet with the School Nurse before the student can begin attending school (RCW 28A.210.320). This law was developed to insure safety for students while at school.

After meeting with the School Nurse, the following will need to be in place:

  • A Nursing Care Plan
  • If needed, medication and/or treatment orders and any necessary equipment to support the student at school

Your Student May Be Eligible for Consolidated Health Services (CHS)

If your student has a Life Threatening Health Condition or medical needs that  require licensed Nursing care, our Chase Lake CHS site will provide this care for  students in K-6. The Chase Lake CHS site is staffed everyday with a Registered Nurse.

How is it determined if my student needs to be served at Chase Lake CHS?

After meeting with the School Nurse and completing a thorough assessment of your student’s needs a determination of your student’s eligibility is made.

What are the kinds of conditions that fit into the Chase Lake CHS model?

Diabetes, some Seizure Disorders,  students requiring medication that can only be administered by a Licensed Nurse, and other specific conditions that need specific licensed nursing support.

How does my student get to school?

All students eligible for CHS are  transported by district bus.

Will my student need to be at the CHS for their entire time in elementary school?

Children’s health conditions and ability to independently manage their care will be periodically evaluated.  If it is determined by the School Nurse, Parent, and Health Care provider that a child is able to be independent in managing their care, they may be returned to their service area. school.

Messages from Parents   

“Max loved being at Chase Lake! It is a close-knit school with warm, friendly, and dedicated staff who truly care about the kids and their families.  Max is getting an excellent education and we don't worry about him during the school day, since we know that he is safe and well-cared for by the full-time, professional nurses who monitor his Type-1 Diabetes and are on site all day.  They help to teach Max life-long skills about good health habits and the best ways to manage his health condition -- including helping him with his insulin pump.  He is getting a great start at Chase Lake, and we couldn't imagine a better place for him!"  - Andrea and Ravi Myers, Max's mom and dad

“My son has Type 1 Diabetes and was moved to Chase Lake so he could be a part of the Consolidated Health  Program. That’s a fancy word, for what has been for us, nothing short of an amazing experience.  Nurse Leslie and her Nursing Team are fantastic, and they work with the teachers to provide an amazing and safe learning environment.  My husband and I have felt so blessed to be able to drop Payton off at school, and know that he is not only attending a great school, but he is watched very closely and the level of care, love and attention to detail that he receives is second to none.  I love that Payton proudly shows the rest of his first grade class what it means to be Diabetic, and what testing your blood sugar means.  He does not feel “different” or “abnormal,” he just feels loved and taken care of.  I love equally, that the rest of the students in his class are growing up learning to treat others the same, regardless of what makes us different.  All of these children because of their experience at Chase Lake, will go into society more accepting and loving people. That is what makes our world a better place to live.” - Kirstin Jones

Students who qualify for  Chase Lake’s Consolidated Health Services receive a general educational program. Chase Lake is known for having strong educational goals to support students in  a love of reading and increasing math skills. They provide a full elementary level curriculum.

Consolidated Health Services
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