7360 R1 - Procedures for Cocurricular and Extracurricular Programs



The activities programs are subject to the same administration and control as the other components of the school program. Cocurricular and extracurricular programs include interscholastic athletics, interscholastic music, interscholastic forensics, intramurals, drama, publications, and other activities which are assigned a faculty advisor. The programs shall endeavor to meet the following guidelines:

I. General

A. The welfare of the participants shall be of primary concern. The programs shall be directed, coached, and officiated by qualified personnel.

B. The district shall be responsible for providing administrative assistance and support, both building and district-wide.

C. The district shall, within the limitations of facilities, staff, and finances, be responsible for providing a comparable basic program in each of its schools at a given level.

D. The programs should be designed to use the existing or available facilities. Facilities and equipment will be maintained with the health, safety, and enjoyment of participants and spectators in mind.

E. Participation in these programs is voluntary, and the student shall have freedom of choice in selecting activities in which to participate.

F. The programs will be designed to contribute to physical growth and development, good physical condition, healthful habits, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and desirable citizenship.

II. Interscholastic Competition

A. Competitive games or activities should be the culmination of ethical and educationally sound instructional methods employed by the coaches and demonstrated by the team members.

B. The coaches or supervisors should teach and develop fundamental skills, develop able leaders and followers, foster cooperation, and exhibit good sportsmanship for emulation by students engaged in activities as participants and/or spectators. They must insist upon ethical behavior and good citizenship. Winning should occur as an outgrowth of ethical coaching and competition.

C. The interscholastic program shall be conducted under the rules and regulations of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, the Edmonds School District, the league or conference, and other groups in which district schools hold membership.

D. The programs at the middle school level shall be designed to include activities which provide maximum participation to the greatest number of students.

E. The reserve team activities (junior varsity and other sub-varsity teams) are an important and integral part of the athletic program. All athletes on a reserve team will participate in as many contests as is reasonably possible.

III. Intramurals

A. An intramural program should be provided to allow all interested students an opportunity to participate in sports activities other than the interscholastic program.

B. The intramural program should provide students the opportunity to develop skills, physical vigor, and social growth through their participation.

C. The intramural program should be compatible with and complementary to the total physical education program.

D. The program should include activities with immediate and long-range value for the participant.

IV. Fans and Supporters

Fans and supporters are expected to:

A. Provide positive support to the team.

B. Refrain from being abusive toward any participant, official, team, or other fan(s).

C. Refrain from interrupting contests or endangering others by throwing any object.

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