5300-R2 - Criteria for Closure of Schools



The analysis of information and data that is produced to support school closure recommendations will be based on considerations which include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Physical Plant
    The adequacy of the physical plant, short term and long term, will be reviewed. This requires determination of adequacy of basic structural features, structural deficiencies, cost of upgrading structural features, determination of energy efficiency, comparison to local and state codes and a determination of the adequacy of grounds and equipment.
  2. Demographic
    Comprehensive analyses of student and adult demographic patterns will be prepared. These include not only school enrollment data, trends and patterns, but also analysis of census data and residential building patterns.
  3. Transportation
    Transportation patterns and costs impacted by changes in building use will be calculated. These should be examined with regard to the state eligibility formula and the availability of private and public transportation.
  4. Program
    The ability and potential of a school plant to provide adequate space for teaching and learning will be considered. This requires analysis of space usage, room adequacy and availability of specialized and auxiliary spaces.
  5. Social and Political Factors
    Such factors as where and how students will be reassigned, and the accessibility and degree of use by the community will be detailed.
  6. Financial Factors
    An analysis of cost savings by reason of reductions in costs related to plant and staff will be developed. In addition, the potential for the leasing, selling or productive use of the closed facility will be considered.
    Decisions related to closure of a specific school require consideration of many factors and should not be based solely on any one factor or on enumeration of quantifiable data. The Board of Directors will be open to a wide variety of information and analyses.

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