4500 R1 - Procedures for Food Services Program Administrative Regulations


The Food Service Department serves the students and staff of the Edmonds School District by providing expertise and delivery of nutritional meal service to support student learning and physical well-being. This expertise is offered in the form of nutrition education, school meal service, and participation in community events related to the education of students.


Nutritional benefit to students will be the first priority of the Food Services program.

  • Menu offerings will comply with the nutritional requirements of the National School Lunch Program, School Breakfast and Summer Feeding Program
  • Meals will be nutritionally balanced to meet the age-appropriate dietary needs of students, as determined by the United States Department of Agriculture
  • Menus will be regularly reviewed and modified to maximize their appeal to students

Services Provided

Food Service Program offerings include:

  • Nutrition education to students, parents, and staff
  • Community-based school nutrition educational programs
  • Meal service for private schools
  • Consultation on kitchen and cafeteria design for construction of new and remodeled schools
  • Liaison for all federal snack and meal reimbursement for eligible district programs
  • Administration of federal Free/Reduced Lunch Program (applications and data access)
  • Breakfast and lunch will be available on all regularly scheduled school days for students in the Edmonds School District unless otherwise advertised
  • Menus that will be published in advance and be available to students and parents
  • In addition, the Food Service program shall be available to provide meals for extended instructional programs, such as field trips, Outdoor Education, SAIL, and summer school.
  • As provided through RCW 28A.235.120, the Food Service program is also authorized to operate meal programs for "certificated and classified employees; volunteers; public agencies, political subdivisions, or associations that serve public entities while using school facilities; other local, state, or federal child nutrition programs; and for school or employee functions".

Food Safety Standards

The Food Service program will meet or exceed Snohomish County Health Department standards for sanitation and food handling, and all food preparation and service areas will be subject to regular inspections by the Health Department.

  • Staff will receive training in food handling procedures, and will hold current, valid food handler permits
  • As required by the USDA, the Food Service Department will design and implement a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) plan which is designed to prevent food safety problems before they happen by identifying and controlling possible physical, chemical and biological hazards that can contaminate food as it moves through receiving, storage, production and service.

Business Operations

The Edmonds School District Food Service program will be operated as a self-supporting, "enterprise" program as defined by the district. The program will be expected to financially support itself with available federal and state revenue, as well as meal ticket and catering sales.To meet this goal, the program will:

  • Be accountable for meeting federal meal program reimbursement standards
  • Comply with state and district financial and accounting standards
  • Operate as an enterprise program as defined by the Edmonds School District (self-supporting, and pay current district "enterprise" fee for administrative and facility support costs)
  • Request board approval of meal prices as part of the annual budget adoption process
  • In cooperation with Business Services, implement cash handling procedures to protect assets
  • Carry over positive year-end balances within the program and use them to fund priorities in the program in future fiscal periods
  • Use the most cost effective methods for buying food and supplies (will make use of purchasing co-operatives, donations, federal commodities)
  • Provide one complimentary meal to Food Services school-based staff during each regular school meal shift
  • Provide one complimentary meal to Food Services administrative support staff who are on call to substitute in a school kitchen in the event of an emergency during that period they are on call
  • Use the provisions of Policy 8440 Program Charges and Student Fees to collect unpaid meal fees from students

Parameters for Courtesy Meals for Students

    1. No IOUs – Students must have adequate funds available to purchase regular meals or beverages.
    2. A Courtesy Meal will be offered to students who do not have money to pay for a complete meal based on the following parameters:
      1. ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS - Unlimited Courtesy Meals issued as needed, with a telephone call to the student’s family the first day a Courtesy Meal is issued. After 3 consecutive Courtesy Meals have been issued, the Principal is notified for follow up with the student’s family.
      2. MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOLS - Two consecutive Courtesy Meals issued as needed. A telephone call will be placed to the student’s family the first day a Courtesy Meal is issued. After a maximum of 4 per month, the Principal is notified for follow up with the student’s family.
      3. K-12 - Parents/guardians may sign and submit a “NO MEAL” preference form to Food Services if they do not want their student to receive a Safety Net Meal under any circumstance. The form is available from Food Services and on our website.
    3. Courtesy Meals will be served as unobtrusively as possible, and consist of:
      1. Breakfast = Cereal and White Milk
      2. Lunch = Cheese Sandwich (with condiments) on Whole Grain Bread, Raisins and Apple Juice
      3. A special Courtesy Meal is given to a student with a life threatening condition which involves an allergy to a component of the standard Courtesy Meal.

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