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October High School Students of the Month

 October SOTM

Edmonds eLearning Academy

Student Name: Collin C. Washburn

Mother's Name: Rachel A. Washburn

Father's Name: James M. Barth

Awards: In fourth grade I had a Presidential Academic award signed by President Obama, but it got lost along with my old house, which was repossessed.

Future Educational Goals: To attend Central Washington University and study American Sign Language.

Future Career Goals: To be an interpreter for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Anything else we should know? I love music, video games and the trumpet.


Student Name: Cameron Hamblet

Father's Name: Curtis Hamblet

Clubs & Activities: Opera singing, slam poetry, reading about...well, everything

Athletics: I am a former competitive gymnast and soccer player

Honors: Most of the courses I have taken have been honors courses.

Anything else we should know? Despite my vast abilities that tend to leave those that are close to me within the school system in awe, my cognitive complexity and depth that are seemingly perpetual are not components of my future pursuit. Crazy, isn't it? How someone with such potential is entirely disinterested in secondary school, as well as all else that could draw attention to such potential; how someone with convoluted entirety could not want such grand opportunity...My ultimate desire is rather simple, in fact (or what I perceive as "simple"): I plan to immerse myself in vivacious vitality; radiate from the inside out, and do so by pursuing exactly what remedies the belligerent aspects of life: Living, experiencing, truly being present. I plan to travel the world, checking off every dang goal on my bucket list as I go, whilst also continuing to sing opera in the languages I know, write poetry about all the landscapes that successfully filled the void within and brought me back to life time and time again, and photograph what I can't let myself forget. I will embrace the cultures I come across and laugh with the mad people I meet, for they know something I don't, and that alone is what makes them so worth knowing. In summary, I want to live wildly and without boundaries -- all that attending college, buying a house, and having kids could not do for me. I want to live a life that refuses to die out long after I do. That is really, truly, genuinely what I plan to do, not what anybody else wants me to, for I am far too defiant for any of that nonsense.


Edmonds Heights K-12

Student Name: Isaac Waggoner

Mother's Name: Sarah Waggoner

Father's Name: Dave Waggoner

GPA: 3.4

Clubs & Activities: I am a part of Atomic Robotics 3805. I program and man the camera.

Significant School Project: I create videos about the Zodiac Schooner trip that we take each year.

Future Educational Goals: I hope to learn film production.

Future Career Goals: I hope to create films and work in film production.

Anything else we should know? I love hanging out with people and I love cinematography


Student Name: Batoul Al-Sadi

Mother's Name: Melanie Webb Al-Sadi

Father's Name: Hussain Al-Sadi

GPA: 3.9

Community Service: For the past year and a half I have volunteered as a docent at the Langley Whale Center in Langley, Whidbey Island. There, I welcome visitors and educate them on the Transient and Southern Resident Orcas of the Puget Sound as well as the latest whale sightings, and the ways in which we can protect and preserve the population of orcas. The idea is to start upstream: get people interested and aware of the serious dangers that our valuable Puget Sound organisms face.

I have also been a volunteer at my mosque's Sunday School for the past five years where I have assisted both in the Islamic Studies classes as well as having conducted my own class on learning how to read Quranic Arabic.

Significant School Project: I am currently working on an honors level research paper for my Ancient Civilizations History class. The paper explores what the roles of Sumerian women were in Sumer, and what social implications of them were made in ancient works such as the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Current Employment: I am currently in my second consecutive year as Literary Editor for the arts and literary publication Between the Lines at Edmonds Community College, where I attend for running start. This has been a truly rewarding job as it has given me the chance to read over creative writing pieces written by community members of the school and all over the state of Washington to choose pieces best fit for our publication.

Future Educational Goals: I plan to attend a four-year university in the Fall of 2017 where I hope to pursue a BS degree in Oceanography with a minor in both Marine Biology and Environmental Studies. I intend this to lead to a master’s degree focusing somewhere within the realm of Cetology.

Future Career Goals: I hope to eventually work as a researcher of whales and dolphins, whilst alongside educating people on the importance of keeping our environment and planet clean. This is a vital element of being a researcher as much of what we pollute and destroy on our lands with, ends up in the Puget Sound, lakes, rivers, and the ocean. This can lead to the detrimental destruction of marine ecosystems.


Edmonds-Woodway High School

Student Name: Mohammad W. Khan

Mother's Name: Shazia Rahat

Father's Name: Mohammad Sarfraz Khan

GPA: 3.6

Clubs & Activities: President of FCCLA Club,; Key Club (Volunteer in Community) Instructional Council Student Representative; Peer Mediator

ASB: Freshmen Class President; Sophomore Class Officer: ASB Secretary: ASB Vice President (Senior Year). ASB is life. I love being in ASB and I enjoy serving the school and community. I love to meet new people and make a difference in others’ lives. ASB has taught me to become a better leader each day and I am grateful that our school has such a wonderful ASB Community.

Honors: Honors Society; Homecoming Royalty - One of the Senior Class Princes

Awards: Homecoming Leadership Awards (Sophomore & Junior Year);I was a Winter Wish fairy my freshmen year. I was nominated to be a Winter Wish fairy by teachers/ASB.

Community Service: Food Drive for the Holidays; helped with Toy Drive; Spooky Street- Each club hosts Halloween related activities and kids come and trick or treat.; Easter Egg Hunt; Life Skills; Prom setup

Future Educational Goals: I would like to attend the University of Washington.

Future Career Goals: I would like to major in healthcare or business.

Anything else we should know? I am very nice and friendly! I love spreading happiness and making people smile. Volunteering is one of my top favorite activities because I want to make a difference in the world and help people as much as I can. I am also a Bollywood Dancer. I also love to work with little kids. At a very young age, I came to America with my family. I am grateful for all the opportunities. I look forward to where the future takes me!


Student Name: Libby Knell

Mother's Name: Mary Knell

Father's Name: Phil Knell

GPA: 3.99

Clubs & Activities: Participant, Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at Amazon; Founder and President of Edmonds Woodway High School’s She’s the First Chapter; DECA Competitive Member; Writing Center Tutor; Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador at Alderwood Nordstrom; Camp O.S.P.R.E.Y. Counselor; Participant, Microsoft's HoloLens Developer Session.

ASB: Class Appointed Officer; Class Treasurer; Class Vice President

Athletics: JV Tennis

Awards: Outstanding Achievement in IB Pre-Calculus; Outstanding Achievement in IB Math SL; Outstanding Leadership Award: President's Volunteer Service Award

Community Service: Teen Leadership Council and Families Matter Vision Council Member at United Way of Snohomish County

Future Educational Goals: To attend and graduate from a four-year university

Future Career Goals: To pursue a career in the technology sector


Lynnwood High School

Student Name: Malia Pivec

Mother's Name: Pam Paudler

Father's Name: Mike Pivec

GPA: 4.0

Clubs & Activities: I am involved in leadership here at LHS. Our aim is to motivate and inspire the student body to engage in all school-wide functions.

Athletics: I run cross country in the fall and compete in track and field in the spring. My coaches, Stephanie Tastad and Duane Lewis, have been extremely influential during my tenure at Lynnwood. Their constant encouragement and positivity have allowed me to take great strides on and off the course.

Honors: Honor Roll 2014, 2015, 2016; Principal's List 2014, 2015, 2016

Awards: Athlete of the Month at LHS (June 2015), 2nd State 3200m 15', 16'; 4th State 1600 15'; State Champion 4 by 400 Relay 15';7th State XC 15'; 3A State Team 3rd Place 15'; 3A State Track Team Champion 2016

Community Service: Periodic involvement with Earth Corps

Future Educational Goals: I plan on attending a four-year-university with the intention to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree as a student-athlete.

Future Career Goals: I love managing and communicating my ideas to people. I envision myself becoming involved in Business and potentially majoring in Marketing.

Anything else we should know? I appreciate the opportunity to be selected for this award. I know the competition is fierce at LHS!


Student Name: Richard Doan

Mother's Name: Trang Le

Father's Name: Toi Doan

GPA: 3.976

Clubs & Activities: Hi-Q; Tri-M; Band/Pep Band; VEYM

ASB: In leadership

Awards: AP Scholar with Honors

Community Service: I volunteer with my youth group, VEYM. We serve our community by volunteering at homeless shelters, soup kitchens, food banks, creating care packages and personally giving them to the homeless in homeless camps, and creating fundraising events and donating the money to various charitable organizations.

Future Educational Goals: I want to receive my bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley and earn my M.D.-Ph.D from the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Future Career Goals: One day, I hope to become either an anesthesiologist, pediatrician or oncologist.

Anything else we should know? I took part in an internship with the Southeast Asian/American Access in Education Coalition (SEAeD) and helped pass HB 1541, which was a House Bill that would close the educational opportunity gap. The bill was passed on March 30, 2016.


Meadowdale High School

Student Name: Hanna Walkinshaw

Mother's Name: Mary Walkinshaw

Father's Name: Robert Walkinshaw

GPA: 2.93

Clubs & Activities: Thespians and Drama Club

Athletics: Varsity Swimmer

Community Service: Volunteer in Church Choir

Current Employment: Dale Turner YMCA Lifeguard

Future Career Goals: Be a storyboard artist and character developer for full-length animated films

Anything else we should know? I am extremely honored by this nomination and so grateful for the friendly, supportive staff here at Meadowdale.


Student Name: Lopaka Marshall

Mother's Name: Star Marshall

Father's Name: Chris Marshall

GPA: 3.7

Future Educational Goals: College


Mountlake Terrace High School

Student Name: Hani Nakkour

Mother's Name: Nesrine Nakkour

Father's Name: Walid Nakkour

GPA: 3.84

Clubs & Activities: ASB; Key Club; Honors Society; Link Crew; Orchestra; Kumon Math and Reading Center; Piano lessons

ASB: Junior Class ASB Secretary officer from 2015-2016; ASB President from 2016-2017

Honors: Most Inspirational, Orchestra; Most Outstanding, Orchestra; lettered in Orchestra; Senior Homecoming Second Prince.

Awards: Most Inspirational, Orchestra

Most Outstanding, Orchestra

Lettered in Orchestra

Community Service: Feeding Homeless in Seattle; Key Club; Blanket Making for families; ASB; 100,000 meals service project at AWSL; Kumon Tutoring

Significant School Project: Feeding homeless community in Seattle. We packaged 200 lunches and went to deliver them in downtown Seattle.

Current Employment: Kumon Math and Reading Center

Future Educational Goals: Dentistry - orthodontist

Future Career Goals: I hope to pursue my dreams of becoming a dentist in the medical field and also possibly working with leadership kids in conferences.

Anything else we should know?: I am a dedicated servant leader at Mountlake Terrace High School who loves to never give up and try my hardest to accomplish a peaceful and spirited school environment between the student body. I also am not the one to easily give up on future goals or dreams of mine. I am a bubbly person and lean towards keeping a positive outlook on life and in school while managing my academics, music and extracurricular activities.


Student Name: Aarthi Yogendran

Mother's Name: Srisuseela Yogendran

Father's Name: Yogendran Sellappah

GPA: 3.82

Clubs & Activities: ASB (2013-Present); Key Club (2013-Present); Orchestra (2013-Present)

STEM Program (2013-Present); Honor Society (2015-Present); Link Crew (2015-Present)

ASB: Freshman Class Treasurer (2013-2014); Sophomore Class Vice President (2014-2015)

Junior Class President (2015-2016); Senior Class President (2016-Present)

Awards: Concert Orchestra- Most Inspirational (2013-2014); Bio Expo at Shoreline Community College, Third Place in Career Pathways (2016)

Community Service: I've been in the Key Club my entire high school career. As a member of the club, I've been a part of making tie blankets for cancer patients, collecting money for UNICEF by participating in "Trick or Treat for UNICEF", getting gifts for families in need during the holidays, and collecting toiletries to make toiletry packs for the homeless in Seattle and to give toiletries to two shelters, Pathways for Women and Children as well as Cocoon House. (2013-Present); I've volunteered at Cedar Way Elementary by helping fourth graders during their after school reading program. (2015). Early in 2016, the Junior Class ASB created lunches and we passed them out to the homeless of Seattle.

Significant School Project: Currently, I am working on my STEM Senior Project about determining if there are common blood markers between people with ADHD in order to see if blood markers are a method that could be used to diagnose people with ADHD. I am also one of the people in charge of the 2016 MTHS Food Drive.

Future Educational Goals: After high school, I plan to attend a four year university to major in Public Health.

Future Career Goals: I do want to work in the medical field. I'm very interested in mental health. I also see myself working with children in my career. I know that for a part of my life, I do want work in third world countries, specifically Sri Lanka, to help better the quality of life of the people in need.

Anything else we should know? I'm incredibly thankful to attend Mountlake Terrace High School. I appreciate the hard working staff for their dedication towards helping the students succeed in their education and in life in general.


Scriber Lake High School

Student Name: Andres Pena-Beltran

Mother's Name: Rosario Beltran

Father's Name: Bruno Pena

GPA: 3.940

Athletics: Love to go running in my free time. (usually after school)

Awards: Five awards/recognitions from my teachers last year

Future Educational Goals: I plan on going to college right after high school.

Future Career Goals: It will be some career involving medicine. Becoming a lawyer would also be cool. I am also interested in arts such as drama, drawing and music.


Student Name: Karen Araujo

Mother's Name: Georgina Sanabria

GPA: 3.110

Future Educational Goals: I will attend Edmonds Community College for a year and hopefully transfer to Evergreen State College.

Future Career Goals: My future career goal is to become a photographer and videographer.


Student Name: Luke Lasala

Mother's Name: Maribel

Father's Name: Joselito

Clubs & Activities: I participate in a variety of electives at VOICE. Some of my favorite electives are fitness dance, art, walking, and gaming. I love dancing and am very good at putting puzzles together. I enjoy being with my friends and love participating in leisure activities in my community. One of my favorite activities is the water slide at Lynnwood Rec. I love to watch sports and also enjoy watching the Food Network and music videos.

Athletics: I am a Special Olympics athlete. I recently placed 4th at the Special Olympics Northwest Region Bowling Tournament.

Community Service: I have completed several student internships during my time at the VOICE Transition Program. Former student internships include: Value Village, TJ Maxx, and Lynnwood Recreation Center.

Current Employment: I am currently a student intern at Mountlake Terrace Pavilion. I am a very hard worker and thrive when given a routine. I am a fast learner and once I have learned a routine I am able to work independently.

Future Educational Goals: I will receive continued training at my future place of employment so that I can continue to expand my knowledge, skills and abilities. I will continue to learn how to ride community transit and/or DART so that I can independently navigate my community after graduation.

Future Career Goals: I am currently seeking employment in a place where I can be a valued member of a team and in a position that matches my skills and abilities. I excel when given a schedule with tasks that have a clear start and end. I am a fast learner and can learn routines quickly.

Anything else we should know? I am able to understand and communicate in three languages: English, American Sign Language and Tagalog. I enjoy teaching others sign language.

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