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Edmonds School District

Language Access

As the parent/guardian of a District student, you have the right to participate in your student’s education, including communicating with teachers and staff. The District will take reasonable steps to provide families competent oral interpretation of materials or information about any program, service, and activity and to facilitate any interaction with staff significant to a student's education. The District will provide such service when it might be reasonably anticipated as necessary or upon request by families.

Our District uses the following services to meet the language needs of our community:

  • District Spanish Line 425-431-1304 - Línea en español para las familias y estudiantes
  • In-Person Oral Interpretation - In-person interpreters are available in several languages, subject to scheduling and availability. Equipment for simultaneous interpretation via headsets are also available.
  • Phone Oral Interpretation - A phone service “Language LINK” provides on-the-spot interpretation in over 200 languages within 30 seconds. Call any staff member and ask for interpretation in your preferred language and they will connect you.
  • Written Translation - Vital documents are professionally translated as needed and requested, subject to language population size and a few days’ notice.
  • Online Translation - A Google Translate tool instantly translates websites to over 100 languages.

Language Services Request - NEW

Please use this digital form to request in-person or phone interpretation regarding school, district or student concerns or to request translation of documents provided by school and district. You may also use this form to provide comments about schools, district, website or other concerns. Please allow three business days for someone to reply to you about your request(s). For time-sensitive information, please contact your school directly to connect with Language LINK.

This access is coordinated by Communication & Public Relations and Diversity, Equity and Outreach departments. For questions, please contact Elizabeth Puga (425) 431-7309.

Links to Professionally Translated Documents: