High School Students of the Month for November

November Students of the Month

 Students of the Month

Edmonds eLearning


Student Name: Samantha McGuire

Mother's Name: Leaha Kamacho
Future Career Goals: Being in the Marines
Anything else we should know? I love helping people and I love all the people who have been helping me get on the road to succeeding.


Edmonds Heights K-12


Student Name: Mara Courter

Mother's Name: Kathy Courter

Father's Name: John Courter

Clubs & Activities: I am a Girl Scout. I have earned the Bronze and Silver award and am working on my Gold award.

Community Service: I volunteer at Food Lifeline and do other community services.

Future Educational Goals: I am planning to go to college and hope to complete a Master’s degree. I am undecided about my major, but I like math and science.

Future Career Goals: I am interested in being a biologist or micro biologist.


Student Name: Dustin Brent

Mother's Name: Leslie Brent

Father's Name: Dave Brent

GPA: 3.4

Clubs & Activities: Aspiring Youth, Archery, Bouldering

Awards: Lynnwood Rotary Youth Challenge Award – Inspiration

Community Service: Trail building with Aspiring Youth, T.A. for Beginning Spanish & Visual Pre-Algebra, T.A. in Norma Gunnersen's K-3 Autism Class.

Future Career Goals: I would like to pursue a career as a paleontologist.


Edmonds Woodway High


Student Name: Anna McLane
Mother's Name: Janice McLane

GPA: 3.9

Clubs & Activities: NaNoWriMo Club Member (Writing Club) Sophomore - Senior Year (2010-2013),
Treasurer Junior Year (2011-2012), President Senior Year (2012-2013); Book Club Member, President Senior Year (2012-2013); Junior Counselor at Kamp Kookamunga - City of Lynnwood Day Camp
Summer 2009-2012 (3-4 weeks each summer; 30 hours each week); Athletics, Soccer Freshman Year (2009)

Honors: Full International Baccalaureate Candidate

Awards: Two Honorable Mentions in the Annual Shoreline Lake Forest Park Council Poetry Contest (2011); Outstanding Achievement in IB Spanish 4 (2012)

Community Service: Sixth-Grade Outdoor School Mentor at Osprey Camp with the Tahoma Audubon Society May 2011 Program, 110 hours; Training weekend as Assisting Mentor (Step between teen leader and adult), May 2012, 20 hours and May 2012 Program, 102 hours.  A one-week program in which I lived with and provided guidance to a group of ten sixth-grade girls, along with the help of two other leaders. I also taught outdoor education lessons daily. NaNoWriMo Club Pledge Drive. Accepted pledges for the amount of words written through National Novel Writing Month, a creative writing challenge. Bought a water buffalo for impoverished nations through Heifer International with profits collected as a club through pledges, over $500. 23 Hours spent writing. Camp Clean-Ups at Camp Lyle McLeod through Girl Scouts, November 2011 and February and November 2012. With my girl scout troop I performed maintenance for the camp such as chopping wood, cleaning gutters, clearing trails and washing windows.
Culminating Project: Extended Essay for the Full International Baccalaureate Program - A comparison of the writing styles of Mitch Albom and Paul Harding in their respective novels The Five People You Meet in Heaven and Tinkers. I compared the affect of each of the author's writing styles on the theme of death, which is a major focus in both novels.
Current Employment: The Barnabas Project Four Square Church Sunday School Children’s Teacher

Future Educational Goals: Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education or English and Master’s Degree in Library Information Sciences.

Future Career Goals: School Librarian, Fiction Author, High School English Teacher

Anything else we should know? Three-time winner of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), a creative writing challenge in which participants attempt to write a 50,000 word novel all in the month of November. (Novels completed: Nov. 2009, Nov. 2010, Nov. 2011). Currently participating in NaNoWriMo for the fourth time this November along with my creative writing club at EWHS.


Student Name: Jocelyn Smarr

Mother's Name: Joy Smarr

Father's Name: Jeff Smarr

GPA: 3.661

Clubs & Activities: FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), DECA, Honor Society. I will also be exercising my singing and acting abilities by auditioning for the school musical this winter

Athletics: 4 year varsity swim, 3 years of basketball, and this year will be my 4th year of tennis (3rd year varsity). Also on a summer swim and tennis league (Klahaya)

Community Service: Last winter I hosted an Australian student. I also volunteer as an usher at Edmonds United Methodist Church

Current Employment: Red Mango Alderwood

Future Educational Goals: I've been looking at various schools that are particularly recognized for their journalism program. Santa Clara University really caught my attention as well as Syracuse University, Arizona State, and WSU. Although, my dad is a die-hard Huskies fan (as am I) so I'll probably end up applying to UW as well!

Future Career Goals: My ideal future includes my face on the big screen. When you turn on ESPN, I want my face to be smiling back at you! I love sports, travel, and being in front of the camera and being a reporter seems to satisfy all those requirements. I understand it's a competitive field, but sports have taught me to never give up so I'm prepared to do whatever it takes.

Anything else we should know? I’m extremely honored to have received this! I just want to thank everyone who supports me because I couldn’t have done it alone. I look forward to taking everything I learn from high school and have it carry me forward into my future and beyond!



Lynnwood High


Student Name: Kathryn (Katy) Lowe

Mother's Name: Lisa Lowe

Father's Name: Michael Jr. Lowe

GPA: 3.633

Clubs & Activities: Teen Against Tobacco Use (TATU), Youth Group, National Honors Society. I've also been in Anime Club, Film Club and Dream Project previously

Honors: Honors Algebra 2, Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry, RS US History, RS Intro to College Writing, RS Pacific NW History

Awards: Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Contribution to Early Autism Research, 1st place VFW Voice of Democracy Essay Contest at post level. I've also been on Honor Roll and received the "Hardest Worker" award from my middle school.

Community Service: Key Club (Salvation Army, Holly House, Relay for Life, etc.), Teens Against Tobacco Use (I helped present information to younger kids about the harmful effects of tobacco use). I also helped out at a couple rummage sales

Culminating Project: Produce a Short Flash Animated Film

Future Educational Goals: I would like to earn a 2 year degree in Studio Art Foundation at Shoreline Community College and then eventually get a degree in Animation

Future Career Goals: I would like to work in the Animation industry

Anything else we should know? I'm very hard working who doesn't given up when school gets hard. I also am very polite and well liked by people :)


Student Name: Jordan Chase

Mother's Name: Soo Chase

Father's Name: Marty Chase

GPA: 3.8

Clubs & Activities: Former cellist in the Chamber Orchestra

Athletics: Pole Vault in Track and Field (WESCO pole vault champion of 2012), Cross Country (Freshman year through Junior year)

Honors: National Honors Society

Community Service: I volunteered at an orphanage/day school in Kitale, Kenya

Future Educational Goals: To get an education at Washington State University

Future Career Goals: To become an officer in the USMC via PLC



Meadowdale High


Student Name: Tomas Green

Mother's Name: Aina Green

Father's Name: Guy Green

GPA: 3.97

Clubs & Activities: I partake in ASB, Drama club, where we are preparing for our Fall Show, in which I have a lead role, Jazz Band, who meet at six in the morning everyday, and where I am 1st trombone. A few years ago, I started my own business where I sell my artwork at local shows and markets and online (www.tomastheartist.com). ASB - This year I am the Student Body President, and work on behalf of the school to improve atmosphere and to better our community

Honors: I will graduate having taken five AP classes and seven honors classes.

Awards: I have received the Youth Merit Award from the Rotary Club of Edmonds, as well as several Student of the Month recognitions from teachers in the past.

Community Service: As a member of National Honors Society, I actively participate in community service, namely though an organization in Seattle, the North Seattle Lapidary and Mineral Club, and closer to home through Organizing for America.

Culminating Project: For my senior project I hope to hold an event night to benefit a developing world, through OXFAM. Hopefully the ASB will adopt this, or a similar service project for years to come, so we can better help our communities by involving clubs, teams and business in a like-minded goal, to help those in need.

Current Employment: I am the sole proprietor of my art/photography business

Future Educational Goals: I hope to study engineering at the University of Washington, or another reputable school. Chemical and Mechanical engineering are currently my top choices. Potentially, I will go on to pursue a graduate degree as well.

Future Career Goals: I like the idea of doing research, or working for a corporation, with an eventual leadership position. I could also see myself getting a doctorate and teaching, like my grandfather.

Anything else we should know? I dream of establishing my own gallery, come retirement, where I can support young artists like myself.



Student Name: Caitlin Plummer

Mother's Name: Nancy Plummer

Father's Name: Bob Plummer

GPA: 4.0

Clubs & Activities: I have been a staff member of Meadowdale's newspaper, "The Maverick," since my sophomore year. As a junior, I was selected as Sports Editor and now I am Co-Editor-in-Chief. I have sang in Meadowdale's classical choirs and jazz choirs all four years of high school. Currently, I sing in Women's Ensemble and Impressions. I am also a member of National Honor Society. ASB - I was selected as a Class of 2013 senator my freshman year through my junior year. I presently hold the position of ASB Vice-President.

Honors: By the time I graduate, I will have taken seven AP classes at Meadowdale. Currently, I am taking AP Literature and Composition and AP European History, along with an independent study AP Calculus BC class.

Awards: I received the AP Scholar Award in August of 2012 in honor of my performances on previous AP exams.

Community Service: I volunteer with Friends of the Orphans, an organization that raises money for orphanages in Latin America, by making phone calls and working fundraising events.

Culminating Project: For my senior project, I am going to manage Meadowdale's literary magazine, "Unmasked." I will be in charge of creating the magazine's schedule and monitoring its progress. I will also lead the effort to raise the money necessary to publish the magazine.

Current Employment: I am an intern for the local news website, "My Edmonds News," for which I write a monthly column.

Future Educational Goals: I hope to study journalism as an undergraduate, in addition to a major or a minor in business. Then I plan to pursue a graduate degree in journalism, editing or publishing.

Future Career Goals: I would love to make my career as a journalist, editor or publisher in the future because I have a passion for writing and want to build my career around that passion.

Anything else we should know? My junior year, I was one of 30 employees hired to open the new Dick's Drive-In in Edmonds. They received over 300 applicants and hired only three high school students. I worked approximately 17 hours a week from early October to April, but had to resign to focus on my other commitments.


Mountlake Terrace High


Student Name: Erin Keating

Mother's Name: Christine Keating

Father's Name: Shawn Keating

GPA: 3.45

Clubs & Activities: Hawk Broadcast Network, Chamber Winds

ASB:  ASB Secretary

Athletics: Soccer

Honors: AP Literature and Composition, AP Government

Community Service: Ginger's Pet Rescue, Food Lifeline

Culminating Project: Magnuson Park Native Plot

Future Educational Goals: Four-year University at either Washington State, Oregon State, or Humboldt State

Future Career Goals: Research Zoologist or Wildlife Ecologist


Student Name:  Bailey Bame

Mother's Name: Daedre Bame

Father's Name: Christian Delaney

GPA: 3.05

Clubs & Activities: MTHS Mascot, Herky

ASB: Senior Class Representative

Honors: Senior 2nd Homecoming Prince

Awards: October Student of the Month (Rotary Club)

Culminating Project: Teaching younger kids about building their self confidence

Future Educational Goals: Art and Music

Future Career Goals:  Artist, Musician, Actor

Anything else we should know? "He pretty much oozes school spirit" -TerraceNice on Twitter


Scriber Lake High


Student Name: Jacquie Lampignano

Mother's Name: Sandra Rodriquez

Father's Name: Archie Lampignano

Clubs & Activities: WOW Leadership

Honors: Lettered in Sports Medicine

Community Service: Volunteer at Church

Culminating Project: Creating Scriber Yearbook and Photo Expo

Future Educational Goals: Cornish School of the Arts

Future Career Goals: Professional Photographer


Student Name: Alberto Aguilar

Mother's Name: Leonor Garcia

Father's Name: Jose Aguilar

Clubs & Activities: Knitting

Athletics: Football, sketball

Awards: Best Guy Knitter

Future Educational Goals: Go To collage

Future Career Goals: Work In aerospace, Start a business in Mexico

Anything else we should know? My first year of high school I slacked off, years have passed by and I’ve matured and am ready to get high school over with.