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Community eFliers

  • ·         Seattle Children's Chorus Early Music Program: posted 10/27/16 (Grades K-12; all) efliers

    ·         League of Women Voters "The Long Night Poster: posted 10/27/16 (Grades 7-12; Staff only)

    ·         League of Women Voters The Long Night Flier: posted 10/27/16 (Grades 7-12; staff only)

    ·         Edmonds School District Tenth Annual Robotics Family Festival & Fundraiser: posted 10/28/16 (Grades K-12; all) efliers

    ·         Northlake Christian Church Movie Night: posted 10/31/16 (Grades K-6; all)

     Schack Art Center Art for Every Educator: posted 09-16-16 (Grades: K-12;all) Teachers and admins only

    • Edmonds Center for the Arts Cabaretposted 10/31/16 (Grades 9-12; all) efliers w/25 copies left in main office
    • Rotary Hispanic Center Homework Center: posted 09-16-16 (Grades: K-12; all)
    • Edmonds Center for the Arts Hocus Focus: posted 09-16-16 (Grades: K-8; all) Teachers and admins only
    • Meadowdale High School Cheer Clinic: posted 09-16-16 (Grades: K-6; BEV, EE, LE, ME, SV, SP, MW, MA)
    • Master Cho's Taekwondo Class Registration: posted 09-17-16 (Grades: K-6; all) efliers
    • Edmonds-Woodway High School Dance Clinic: posted 09-17-16 (Grades: 1-8; WG, SW, CPE, CL, EE; CPM, MA, MW)
    • Verdant Health Health & Wellness Classes: posted 09-19-16 (Grades: K-12; all) efliers
    • Edmonds Lutheran Church Chase Lake Safety Net: posted 09-19-16 (Grades K-6; CL) efliers
    • Alderwood Boys and Girls Club Winter Basketball: posted 09-19-16 (Grades: K-12; MDH, LHS, MTH, EWH; all middle and elem) efliers