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Edmonds School District Food Services is using, a service to prepay for your student's school breakfast, lunch, and a la carte food items using your credit or debit card.

Why should I visit

  • Easy: Enrolling and funding is simple and completed online.
  • Convenient: Once your account is established, you can check balances, view student purchases, view your payment history and fund your student's account from your computer.  You can view this information as long as you continue to fund your student's account using  If you do not make payments on the website, your account will become inactive.
  • Secure: Your personal and payment card information is protected by the most advanced Internet security.
  • Never have to worry about doing it again: If you choose the recurring payment option, called "Smart Pay," money will always be in your student's account. When a low balance is reached, money is automatically deposited. Or you can choose the "Pay As You Go" option to add money to your student's account manually.

How do I enroll?

  • Go to and click ENROLL NOW.
  • Create an account for yourself and your students.
  • Obtain your student's district ID number by calling 425-431-7080.
    You will also need date of birth, school name, and grade.
  • Provide credit or debit card information.
  • Select the Pre-Payment Option you wish to use.
Those who prepay for student meals using will be charged a $1.95 fee by my for each online transaction. This fee is charged by and goes directly to the banking institutions that process the online transaction. No part of this comes to the Edmonds School District. If a family has multiple students at one school a payment can be made for all students at one time and be charged one fee for the whole transaction. For students in different schools or payments made at different times, each transaction will generate the $1.95 fee. Again, this fee only applies to those making online payments. Families may pay with cash or a check at any time at the school with no fee attached, and all other functions are free.
Questions? Call 425-431-7080.

You may also call the toll-free customer support center at 1-800-479-3531 for questions or assistance with enrollment. The support personnel are available Monday-Friday from 5 a.m. PT to 2 p.m. PT. You can also email them at

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
Last Modified on August 29, 2014