School Board Policies

The role of the Board is to set policy; the role of the administration is to execute it. The Board expresses its policy determinations in the form of written policy statements. The administration implements policy through administrative procedures, rules, memoranda, directives, and daily contacts with staff.

Policy Classification System

The policy classification system and the accompanying index provide a complete guide to policies in all areas of school district operation. These also provide an efficient means of filing and retrieving Board policy statements and regulations.

The system represents an arrangement of nine (9) sections into which policy statements are divided. The sections are as follows:

1000 - Foundations and Directors
This series includes the bylaws of the Board, describes the terms of office and member responsibilities, the methods of governance, meeting structure, principles of operation and growth and development activities.

2000 - Administration and Negotiation
Guidelines for central administration, supervisory personnel and individual school administrators are outlined in this series. Administrative operations dealing with outside agencies are included as well as equity policies.

3000 - Fiscal Management
Included in this section are the budget processes, dealing with income and expenditures, budget funds and accounts, financial reporting and purchasing processes.

4000 - Support Services
Areas which support instruction not directly involved in teaching include transportation, food service, dealing with health and safety issues, insurance, records management and are included in this series.

5000 - Facilities Development
This series details the planning of facilities, the construction, modification of closure of facilities and the operation and maintenance of facilities.


6000 - Human Resources
This series includes the conditions of District employment, employment practices, compensation and benefits, leave policies, substitute employment and volunteer practices. Affirmative Action and sexual harassment policies are also included.

7000 - Instruction En Español
The elements of the instructional program, specific arrangements of the school setting, dealing with specific needs for instruction, the use of resources in instruction and measuring student progress are described in this series.

8000 - Students En Español
Students, their enrollment and attendance, their responsibilities and rights, discipline, corrective actions, punishment or sanctions, health and welfare issues, records and custody processes and activities are the focus of this series.

9000 - Community and Education Agency Relations
School and community relations involve communications with the public, participation by the public, public access to staff, students and school facilities and relations with other schools and agencies.

Other Resources

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