Administrative Openings
Rev. 7/29/15
 .3 FTE Manager, Health Services   
Closes Aug. 11, 2015 
Positions are open for application until 11:30 p.m. of the closing date.  
 You will now need to apply for each job opening for which you wish to be considered.
Please note: When you apply for positions using our online application system most, but not all, of the information entered is stored for access when applying for other jobs in the future. What the system does store is your personal information, educational background, work experience, and certification information. What it does not store are your answers to the General Questions and Attachments. Quick Tip: To save your answers to the General Questions, create a Word document and answer the General Questions there. This allows you to run spell check before submission and save your answers for future applications. When you need to use your answers again, just copy and paste them from your Word document to the corresponding question fields. Check the "Frequently Asked Questions" link below for more information.
If you send an email through FastTrack to, please identify the job and use your full name and email address.  This information does not automatically appear in the email.
To view salary schedules, go to the Human Resources department web site.  Send questions or comments regarding this page to


Last Modified on July 29, 2015