Frequently Requested Forms

These forms are available as paper copies at schools, as well as on this website to download and view using Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you can download Adobe Reader for free. If you are enrolling your child in the Edmonds School District and are unsure which school he/she should attend, please contact the District's Transportation Office at 425-431-7230.

Athletics Eligibility Form - high schoool, middle school, K-8 and Special Olympics all use the same form
NEW! Please complete athletic forms electronically:
If the online system is not accessible you may print and submit a paper packet:
An informed consent form must be submitted for each sport

Athletic End of Season Survey — Optional for filling out after each sport season by parent and student.
Choice Transfer Form (P-44)
Students who reside in the Edmonds School District should use this form when asking to be released to attend school in a different district. Please fill out all areas of this form completely and legibly.
Chromebook Damage/Loss Program Application Form (B-172
This form is for all Middle School and High School students who will be issued a district Chromebook. This form must be completed before the student will be allowed to take the Chromebook home. This form will also be made available in Skyward Family Access the first week of August to all 7-12 grade students’ families.
Authorization for Administration of Oral and Auto-injectible Medication at School (SS-500)
This form should be completed by parents/guardians whose children must take medication while at school. Portions of the form must be completed by the child's licensed health professional.
Certificate of Immunization Status (SS-518)
This form must be completed before a student can attend school, and it must be hand delivered to your neighborhood school. Please do not mail. See the link below titled "Registration Forms" to download this file, along with other paperwork needed to register your student for school.
The District is allowed, and in some circumstances required by law, to release directory information unless parents/guardians or secondary students instruct us not to release this information. Directory information can include a student's name, photograph, address, telephone number, and other information. If you do not want student directory information released to the media, military, and/or higher education, complete the form and return it to the District.  We also have a the following translation available:   Spanish
This form must be completed for students who would like to attend an elementary or secondary school other than their neighborhood school. Please read the important information on page 2 of the form, and go to the Transfer section of the Parents tab on this website for more information. The transfer process for the current, 2015-2016 school is closed.

Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Reporting Form
We also have the following translations available:  Arabic   Korean   Spanish   Ukranian    Vietnamese
This form must be filed with the Edmonds Heights K-12 when initiating home schooling, and annually thereafter.
Parent/Guardian Informed Consent for Field Trip (T-103)
General information, medical information, and medical release are the components of this form, which should be completed and returned to school before all field trips.
This form must be completed by individuals who are providing private transportation to children during a school-sponsored event.
Included in the above links are three of the forms needed to complete the registration process. Please note that you will need to complete additional forms at the school office in addition to these three forms. These forms must be hand delivered to your neighborhood school. Please do not mail. You can also individually download the Elementary or Secondary Registration Form (P-134); Registration Attachment (P-134 att. & P-134 letter); and Certificate of Immunization Status (SS-518).
If you are registering a student for kindergarten, please go to your school in person for a packet as there are other kindergarten-specific forms not included in the links above. 
Request for Distribution of Information to Students: Outside Group/Organization (A-63)
This form must be completed by nonprofits that would like to distribute fliers directly to students. Fliers must promote or contain information regarding an activity or event of possible educational, social, or recreational value or benefit to students in the district.
This form is intended for students whose class has been graduated for two or more years. Current students or those whose class has not been graduated for two years should contact the school.
Please note: We are unable to process transcript requests during the month of July. Service levels have been reduced due to budget reductions. Thank you for your understanding.

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