Welcome to Instructional Technology

...Providing the skills, tools, and resources for students to be effective 21st Century users of ideas and information. 

Edmonds' goal is for our students to be successful and productive citizens in our rapidly changing 21st Century world.  To be successful, our students will need to be very good at communicating, collaborating in teams, thinking critically, taking initiative, solving problems, and creating new ideas and products in jobs that do not even exist today.

To maximize the learning potential of all students, Edmonds teachers use technology to teach to the standards using effective practices that integrate technology, assess student performance, adjust instruction, and communicate student progress. Students use technology to access, synthesize, evaluate, and communicate relevant information to become productive citizens and life-long learners. (read more)

Required Tech Skills for Student Success
We have created a scope and sequence for the basic technology skills students will need to be successful with the Common Core and Smarter Balanced Assessment. While students should meet these skill requirements for their grade level, the expectation is that they will extend these skills within classroom activities and instruction.

Resources For Parents and Students
  • Homework help: Use our online databases to find quality information on the web.
Last Modified on March 6, 2017