Message from the Superintendent

Dear Colleagues,
Summer is here!  I hope you have found some time for family, friends, and relaxation or fun activities.  Maybe a vacation or adventure awaits you!  In the district, many of our staff are working to ready buildings and programs for the start of school.  I winced a bit when I received a back-to-school advertisement at home on July 7th and thought, wait a minute that’s too soon isn’t it?

The purpose of this month’s letter to staff is to update you on the work we have been doing this year to set our Strategic Direction which will guide our collective work in the district for the next few years.  At its regular meeting on July 8th, the Board of Directors officially approved the final version of our Strategic Direction: “Each Student Learning, Every Day!” and the key strategies that will be essential as we seek to have each student realize this in their schooling experiences with us.  You can see the final version of our Strategic Direction at

As important as it is to affirm the direction, the real work is making this promise happen for each and every student.  Thus, here are three important next steps with our Strategic Direction work.

On July 28th a representative group will meet to assemble and draft “indicators” that we can use to track our progress in the four main areas of our Strategic Direction: Effective Learning for all students, Equity of Opportunity, P-3rd Grade Early Learning, and Graduates Who Are Ready for Life.  The indicators or metrics will then be shared with our Board and with P-12 in August, and following that will be processed at the school level.  We will use these indicators or metrics to monitor our progress and adjust as necessary going forward.  School Improvement Plans, administrative performance goals and related district work will be aligned with the Strategic Direction.  The system will support these directions as we utilize existing funds, realize new state funding, and bring to scale our efforts for All students.

·    The CPC (Citizen Planning Committee) is being modified greatly and will become Strategic Direction Community Engagement work groups.  There will be a work group for each of the four main areas as noted above, plus a work group for facilities/enrollment/boundaries.  The composition of these advisory work groups will broaden representation, deepen authentic engagement, and provide greater insight and momentum to the key work we are doing as a system.  The recommendations of these work groups will inform the district as to the most significant work and strategic investments we need to make going forward.  A small group including two of our Board members, the CPC chairperson, and district staff will be drafting the design of these work groups with the goal of sharing this with the Board at its August meeting.  Once approved, there will be a direct effort to share information about the work groups as well as how a person could be involved if interested.  This information will go out to "All Edmonds" via email per our usual process, probably later in August or  early September.

·     Lastly, at its regular August Board meeting, our Directors will discuss how best to modify or adjust various visual or symbolic aspects of our communication to the public to match with the Strategic Direction work.  Just as it is important that the work inside the system is focused on the real and meaningful aspects of our Strategic Direction, it is important that what the larger community and public sees matches with the focus of our work.

A sincere thanks to the many staff, parents, community members, students and others who participated in the setting of our Strategic Direction over this past year.  Thank you in advance for your time to reflect on these over the summer and your work to identify and embrace your respective parts of this going forward.  Please do take a look at the one page document that is linked above and consider integrating as much as is feasible from the “Our Work” section into your thinking and respective goal setting coming up this next year.  As always, if you have any questions or I can be of assistance, feel free to let me know.  Thank you again for your caring and competent work in all respects.




Last Modified on July 9, 2014