Message from the Superintendent



April 16, 2014
Dear Colleagues:
I hope you had an opportunity to take time during spring break to rest, relax, and enjoy the great weather.  It was refreshing to take some vacation days and recharge my own batteries for this next phase to the end of this school year, and so nice to feel sunshine for at least a few days.  The change of seasons means more sun is coming!
In public education, you are part of something special and powerful in students’ lives.  The work we do lasts a lifetime for our students.  As the anticipation builds in these final months of the school year, I would like to acknowledge each of you for the unique abilities you demonstrate in the way you interact with people, facilitate learning, and perform your important supportive work.  It is clear from looking across our system that you are not alone.  Our district is comprised of many talented and caring professionals.  Thank you for being a valuable member of our district team!
What better time than Spring, when plants are coming to life and we feel the excitement of things growing and blossoming all around us, to tell someone near you how much you respect and admire the way they do their work.  Let’s draw on the beauty of spring to affirm, inspire, and encourage those around us at this time of growth and renewal.  Let’s appreciate ourselves for what we have to offer, and respect and recognize the talents of others.  I believe for people to be healthy, each of us must find joy in our own accomplishments and in the success of others.
Thank you for the caring and competent service you provide that results in the quality we offer our community.  Thank you for adding value as we collectively move forward with this important work.  Thank you for doing what is best for students as it is our heartfelt motivation and cognitive compass/reference point on this journey.  Each student learning,every day!








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