June 21, 2016


Dear Colleagues:


May God bless and keep you

precious young lives we tend.

Joyful in service and grateful

into the future we send.

The holders of tomorrow

thoughtfully over time.

You are touching hearts,

i am thankful you touched mine.


Strengthen those who remain

each one depends on you.

Student learning is the reason

there's meaning in what you do.

May courage and wisdom empower

make a positive difference every day,

You are touching hearts,

guiding young lives along the way.


Humbly seek to understand

the unique story of each you meet.

Your affirmations lift to victory

those who without you face defeat.

In all seasons... dance in the sun

persevere times of strife.

You are touching hearts,

safeguard your' s with a balanced life.


Respect and use all talents

It's a calling... so be not hurried.

Love, especially the least of these

and of the future, be not worried.

For each changed life and graduate

our legacy, a gift, the world will find.

You are touching hearts,

in my prayers, and on my mind.



Last Modified on June 21, 2016