Message from the Superintendent


September 10, 2014

Dear Colleagues:

Thank you for your respective work to ensure our smooth start of this new school year.  We appreciate the caring and competent service you provide. 

As we move forward with our Strategic Direction work, the next step is to identify key performance indicators to serve as a measure of progress toward Each Student Learning, Every Day!  These indicators will help us understand what we are doing well and where we need to make adjustments.

We have identified quality performance indicators that are:

  •       student centered,
  •       aligned with our Strategic Direction goals,
  •       measurable,
  •       and actionable (meaning we can do something with the information).

The development process began with a representative group coming together in July to discuss and draft the indicators, and since that time these have been reviewed, streamlined, and refined.  We appreciate everyone who has helped us get this work to this point. This month, all staff and our community will have an opportunity to review the indicators and provide input.  A final version of the indicators will be recommended to the School Board for approval on October 7th.

Where you can help!

Your input, experience, and ideas are extremely important and valued.  We would like to know your thoughts and reactions to the draft indicators for our Strategic Direction.  We want to know what you like, what you don’t like, and what is missing. 

This first link  takes you to the district webpage that includes all of the information related to the Strategic Direction work.  Included on the webpage are key documents and videos.  This is helpful to review before looking at the indicators.

This next link takes you to the current Draft Indicators and after looking at those you're invited to provide feedback by clicking on this survey.

Thank you again for your work to not only help us affirm our direction and in this instance validate the indicators, but ultimately in the daily doing of the work to accomplish, Each Student Learning, Every Day!  Many of our students already realize this promise, so we want to keep that positive work moving forward and make whatever adjustments are needed so this promise is realized by each student!




Last Modified on September 10, 2014