Community Partners: Stepping Up for Students!


Edmonds School District
Our thanks to everyone who organizes, participates, donates, or volunteers in ways large and small to our school communities.  Together, we are accomplishing the mission of supporting all students to reach academic success.


Contributions, whether in the form of financial support for enrichment programs before and after school or the gift of time in the classroom listening to a child read, all together result in an outstanding community to live and learn. We are grateful for this dedicated and outstanding support. Below are the organizations that exist solely to support our Edmonds School District. For a complete list of our community partners click here.


Citizens Planning Committee (CPC)

The Edmonds School District established the Citizens Planning Committee (CPC) as an advisory body to the Board of Directors. The mission is to examine the long-range needs and issues of the school district. The needs and issues to be examined will be identified by the School Board and/or Superintendent staff and determined cooperatively by the School Board and the CPC. The CPC may make recommendations to the School Board in writing and oral presentation at School Board meetings during the school year.

Contact:   Scott Spears, Chair                     email:

    Debby Carter                                 email:


Edmonds Public Schools Foundation (Edmonds PSF)

The Edmonds Public Schools Foundation (Edmonds PSF), is a community-based non-profit organization committed to creating opportunities for students to maximize their personal, creative, and academic potential.  We believe that a strong partnership linking the Edmonds School District and the community is essential to our success. We are dedicated to the philosophy that by encouraging and equipping teachers, staff, and educators with supplemental funding we create an enhanced learning environment for all students.


Contact:   Deb Anderson                               email:


Edmonds School District 15 Alumni Association (ESDAA)

The Edmonds School District Alumni Association (ESDAA) is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to award scholarships to students graduating from Edmonds School District schools.  We rely on our generous graduates and supporters for our scholarship and operating dollars and this past year we received a $25,000 grant from the Hazel Miller Foundation.  Our scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000.  Our second focus is communicating with ESD graduates with two newsletters a year, where we advertise upcoming reunions.  Our Board of Directors consists of graduates from the district, retired staff, and interested community members and we welcome anyone who is interested to join us!


Contact:   Jack Eschrich                                  email:


Edmonds Special Education PTSA

We are families, caretakers and educators interested in the welfare of special education students, birth to age 21, and the programs that serve them within the Edmonds School district.  We believe collaboration among general and special education communities increases educational resources and inclusive opportunities for all students.

Erika Larimer                                       email:
Rebecca Heine                                  email:
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Equity Alliance for Achievement (EAACH)

To best serve the needs of all children, the district has created an Equity Alliance for Achievement (EAACH), which is a parent advisory group to focus on building inclusive and creatively inviting schools as an important underpinning to student achievement.  A representative from each school forms the committee. To promote the learning of all students, the EAACH committee will work to create strong parent-school partnerships that:

·         Support the development of all parents in becoming powerful advocates for their students.

·         Provide parents with the knowledge necessary to support student classroom learning.

·         Develop schools that recognize, respond to, and are inclusive of the diversity in the school community.

·         Support the participation of parents in community activities.

Contact: Justin Irish                                       email:

Natural Leaders

Natural Leaders are parent volunteers who typically are members of a linguistically and culturally diverse community.  Many times they have been disengaged from their children's schools due to cultural and/or language barriers. However, due to various leadership qualities, these parents have reached out and connected their schools and communities through various means.  Many Natural Leaders translate school newsletters, help interpret during meetings or while new parents are registering their children, organize multicultural nights, multilingual literacy and math nights, volunteer during holiday giving campaigns, run after school homework clubs, even run adult education classes, etc.  The ideas come from these parents based on the needs of the community.  The Natural Leader program in Edmonds is one of the most robust in the region and I am proud to be a part of it.

Contact:  Annie Rueda-Brown                    email:   

PTSA Council 7.2

The Edmonds PTSA Council provides information, instructions, and news from the State and National PTA organizations to 20 local PTA units and the SpEd PTSA Committee.  It provides leadership training and leadership opportunities for local unit members, and encourages local unit members to attend region conferences and state and national conventions.

Contact:   Ken Bogle                                        email:




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