Continuous Improvement Process

The continual improvement of public schools is essential in providing increased student performance and quality results. Innovative, exemplary, and research-based programs, coupled with professional development, focused and aligned resources, and community participation in decision making and planning are essential elements in improving schools.

The improvement process assesses the current reality of a school. It provides space for a school to identify its strengths as well as its opportunities for growth and improvement. The continuous improvement cycle allows for implementation of strategies, activities and assessments and continually evaluates the school’s progress toward achieving its focus and meeting its goals.

This tool is designed to be a living, breathing document that can be easily accessed, monitored and adjusted and emphasizes continuous growth allowing educators an opportunity to address immediate instructional and management issues by helping define and manage the variety of connections among people, resources, information and data. This process empowers educators and stakeholders to collaborate in order to help schools make data-driven, research-based decisions focused on making an unmistakable impact on how teachers teach and how students learn.
2016-2017 School Improvement Plans
All files are .pdf files
Alderwood Early Childhood Center
Alderwood Middle School
Hilltop Elementary School
Brier Terrace Middle School
Lynndale Elementary School
Lynnwood Elementary School
Madrona School
College Place Middle School
Martha Lake Elementary School
Edmonds eLearning Academy
Edmonds Elementary School
Last Modified on February 28, 2017