To arrange for the use of a school building, fields, or parking, please call the facility use office at 425-431-3844.
Please keep in mind the following requirements for rental of a facility:
  1. A site supervisor or custodian may be assigned to your function.
  2. A Scheduling Fee, described in the fee schedule, is required when a reservation is made or permit completed.
  3. The current fee schedules that took affect September 2013 are as follows:
  4. Seasonal Deadlines for Gym and Field Scheduling Requests

Facility Use and Access Parameters community groups interested in utilizing a district facility must first coordinate with the Facility Use office.
See School Board Policy 9200 and 9200-R1 for related administrative regulations that govern community use of district facilities.
Please Note:
The new fee schedules for Indoor Facilities, Parking Lots, Theaters, and Fields have been approved by the Board and will take effect beginning in September 2013.