*Citizen Planning Committee (CPC)

Chartered by the
Edmonds School District
Board of Directors

The Edmonds School District established the Citizen Planning Committee (CPC) as an advisory body to the Board of Directors. The mission of the CPC is to examine the long-range needs and issues of the school district. The needs and issues to be examined will be identified by the School Board and/or Superintendent's Staff, and determined cooperatively by the School Board and the CPC. The CPC may make recommendations to the School Board in writing and oral presentation at School Board meetings during the school year. Recommendations shall include the vote taken by the CPC on each issue. At the end of each school year, the CPC shall prepare an annual report summarizing the year's work.  View the CPC BYLAWS for more information.

*July 2014 - excerpt from Dr. Nick Brossoit's Letter to Staff

        The CPC (Citizen Planning Committee) is being modified greatly and will become Strategic Direction Community Engagement work groups.  There will be a work group for each of the four main areas as noted above, plus a work group for facilities/enrollment/boundaries.  The composition of these advisory work groups will broaden representation, deepen authentic engagement, and provide greater insight and momentum to the key work we are doing as a system.  The recommendations of these work groups will inform the district as to the most significant work and strategic investments we need to make going forward.  A small group including two of our Board members, the CPC chairperson, and district staff will be drafting the design of these work groups with the goal of sharing this with the Board at its August (2014)meeting.  Once approved, there will be a direct effort to share information about the work groups as well as how a person could be involved if interested.  This information will go out to "All Edmonds" via email per our usual process, probably later in August or  early September.