EEA Evaluation Forms & Professional Teaching Standards

Comprehensive Summative Scoring Form 2016-17


Focused Summative Scoring Form 2016-17


Danielson Rubrics By Criteria


Appendix 9-A1 - 2016-17 Focused Evaluation Time Line

Appendix 9-A2 - 2016-17 Comprehensive Evaluation Time Line

Appendix 9-B Danielson Framework for Teaching at a Glance 

Appendix 9-D Student Growth Implementation Procedures

Appendix 9-E Component 4D - Danielson and Edmonds Proficient Possibilities

Appendix 9-F Component 4E - Danielson and Edmonds Proficient Possibilities

Appendix 9-K1 Student Growth Goal - Focused Recording Form

Appendix 9-K2 Student Growth Goal - Comprehensive Recording Form

Appendix 9-L Lesson Plan Template

TPEP Plan of Support - (Please use the 2015-16 Plan of Support Process document below.) 

Appendix 9-N Role of Library Information Specialists


2015-16 Plan of Support Process - Final 12/18/14

End of Year Protocol - 2016-17 COMPREHENSIVE only



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PGAP Evaluation Process - 2017-18


Long Form Evaluation Process - 2017-18


Appendix 8-a (HR-130a)

Formal Observation Form - Teacher


Appendix 8-b (HR131a)Formal Observation Form - Library Information Specialist

Appendix 8-c (HR132a)
Formal Observation Form - Counselor

Appendix 8-d (HR-135a)

Formal Observation Form - Professional Nurse

Appendix 8-e (HR-134a)Formal Observation Form - Occupational and Physical Therapist

Appendix 8-f (HR-135a)Formal Observation Form - School Psychologist

Appendix 8-g (HR-136a)2017-18 Appendix 8-g (HR 136a)

Formal Observation Form - Speech-Language Pathologist

Appendix 8-h (HR-137a)Formal Observation Form - Cert. Support Personnel

Appendix 8-i (HR-130b)

Final Evaluation Report - Teacher

Appendix 8-j (HR-131b)Final Evaluation Report - Library Information Specialist

Appendix 8-k (HR-132b)Final Evaluation Report - Counselor

Appendix 8-l (HR-133b)Final Evaluation Report - Professional Nurse

Appendix 8-m (HR-134b)
Final Evaluation Report - Occupational and Physical Therapist

Appendix 8-n (HR-135b)Final Evaluation Report - School Psychologist

Appendix 8-o (HR-136b)Final Evaluation Report - Speech-Language Pathologist

Appendix 8-p (HR-137b)Final Evaluation Report - Cert. Support Personnel

Appendix 8-q (HR-138) PGAP - Planning Worksheet 

Only for SLPs New to the Profession
Only for Psychs New to the Profession
Only for LMSs New to the Profession

Only for OT/PTs New to the Profession
Planning Worksheet Examples

Appendix 8-s (HR-139) PGAP Verification Form


Appendix 8-t (HR-140) Long Form Individual Goals

Primary Questionnaire
MS Word

Only for teachers new to the profession
Professional Growth Goal - Planning Worksheet Example
Available only in MS Word

Student Questionnaire MS Word

Verification of previous consecutive certificated evaluation(s) 


Teaching Profession Self-Assessment Continuum


Professional Teaching Standards

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