Welcome to Chase Lake Community School

Dear Chase Lake Families,

Welcome to Chase Lake Community School! People who visit us often ask why we are called a community school, and what is different about us. The word community was included in our name to remind us that school works best when we all work together. Families, volunteers, neighbors and staff form a strong team to ensure the safety and learning of Chase Lake kids. This teamwork is built on the beliefs and expectations for all members of our community.

Over the past couple years, the Chase Lake staff and parent association shared a common desire to add character education into our work with children. One result of this work was our decision to make our beliefs and expectations more visible, and thanks to the work of our school Climate Committee we have done so. When you are here, you will see the following statements posted throughout the building. We hope this simplified message will make it easier to remember the Chase Lake Way.

Chase Lake Beliefs

Chase Lake Expectations



Take care of yourself.

Be safe.

Take care of others.

Be respectful.

Take care of this place.

Be responsible.


Be cooperative


Be your personal best.

Thanks for your interest in our school, we hope you enjoy learning about us by viewing our website and that it inspires you to come by and visit. School is a place filled with joy and learning—anyone can benefit from those things in their life. We look forward to seeing you.


Karen L. Nilson,


School Mission - Chase Lake Community School strives to organize challenging school experiences to best foster steady, continuous, satisfying progress for every child we serve. 


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