Washington State Testing Graduation Requirements
Washington State Graduation Requirements vary depending on the student's year of entry to high school.  Please review Edmond's State Testing Graduation Requirements document for a general explanation of State Testing Graduation Requirements.
For State Testing Graduation Requirement information in Spanish, please review Requisitos de las Pruebas Estatales para Graduación.
For more information, please see State Testing: Overview.

 Certificate of Academic Achievement Options: Alternative Ways to Meet Standard
CAA Options are alternative ways for students to meet their State Testing Graduation Requirements. CAA Options are available to:
  • Students who have taken and not met standard on one or more state tests. 
  • Students who have transferred from an out-of-state school, home school, or private school in 11th or 12th grade and who have had a waiver submitted to OSPI by their current school.
  • English Language Learners who were exempt in their 10th grade year. 
For more information about CAA Options, please see Graduation Alternatives: CAA Options.
If you would like to participate in a CAA Option, please make an appointment with your school counselor, or contact Quiana Hennigan at (425) 431-7139.

Appeals and Requests to View  State Tests
Scores may be appealed on any high school assessment that is required for graduation. The appeal allows guardians to challenge the technical aspects of a score: such as errors on open-ended items, incorrect score calculations, mistakes affecting erasures, and lightly marked bubbles on multiple choice items.
The appeal does not take into account student situations and will use the same rubric to rescore student work.
For more information about how to appeal a score or how to view your student's state test, please see  the General Information section of the Parent Pages of the State Testing Portal.

State and District Graduation Requirements
Please keep in mind that in addition to state graduation requirements, students must meet both Washington State and  Edmonds School District graduation requirements. To find out if your child is on track to earn a diploma, please contact their school counselor.

Non-Traditional Paths to Graduation
Not all students meet their graduation requirements within four years.  There are many options open for students who wish to continue to pursue a diploma after their fourth year.  For more information about this, please read Options for Students Not Graduating After Four Years of High School.
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