Psychology & Elementary Counseling Services

School psychology and elementary counseling services are available in every elementary school in the Edmonds School District. In most of our elementary buildings a school psychologist provides the services of whole classroom social emotional lessons, supporting framework of positive behavior learning and small group and/or individual counseling for students who need extra support for social emotional or behavior challenges that interfere with their learning as a part of the regular education curriculum and supports. School psychologists at the elementary level are also involved with consultation with teachers, administrators and parents to support the learning and social emotional well-being of students.  In a couple of elementary buildings, the above role is filled with a team that includes a psychologist and a counselor.

School psychologists at all schools are the lead contacts for anyone who suspects a student might have a disability. They are advocates for helping school teams provide services to ensure that all students make progress in the core curriculum.  When a student is struggling, school psychologists along with other specialists like occupational therapists and speech language pathologists work with parents and teachers to evaluate the possibility of an educational disability.  They conduct psychological evaluations and work with teachers to identify strategies to increase student success.