Internet Safety & Cyberbullying Information


Young people have fully embraced the Internet and other communications technologies. They send emails, create their own web sites, post personal news in blogs, and send instant messages via computers and cell phones.

Unfortunately there are increasing reports of teens and occasionally younger children using these technologies to post cruel text or images to bully their peers or engage in other aggressive online behavior.

This page provides resources for adults to become acquainted with these issues as well as how to address problems with children and teens. While not comprehensive, these sites reflect broad experience by families, schools, and law enforcement.


What can parents do?

¿Qué pueden hacer los padres?

CommonSense Media for Parents

CommonSense Media En Español

Netsmartz for Parents

Netsmartz En Español



Report a Cybercrime
Local police also deal with these issues!

Edmonds School District Harassment Policy
Includes all forms of harassment

Serious Business of Dealing with Bullies

How parents and children can deal with bullying and intimidation

Net Bullies

"Protecting kids from each other online with cyberlawyer, Parry Aftab"

PBS Frontline: Growing Up Online
An eye-opening presentation about kids and the Internet.



Last Modified on December 3, 2013